Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Many dual citizens. Most go to El Paso on the weekends. - Feb 2023

It's mostly just people who live at the border. Many people in Juarez have family in El Paso. Other than the US, there's one other mission here. - Mar 2022

The community is medium-sized, although there are no other diplomats in town. There are probably some expats that manage the factories. The post and the community are what you make of it. I’d say overall the morale is good. Lots of people extend, it is good for families, there are a lot of positives to the post. - Jun 2019

There is no expat community here to speak of. FAST officers have a strong network and take care of each other, including socially. Others must find their own way. - Feb 2019

It's a large consulate community. There are a lot of first tour officers at the consulate which leads to an optimistic, collegial vibe. - Jan 2019

The American consulate is the only consulate in Juarez, but there are other expats here because Juarez has a large international industrial sector. The American consulate is huge, and I've never met anyone who didn't love it here. Some are initially not thrilled at coming because they are fearful of the violent past, but once you get here you love it. - Jun 2016

morale was very high while I was there. Most people wanted to be there. - Apr 2016

The only expats I met were those of us at the Consulate. It has been said before, but this is truly a happy place. Life is easy in a lot of ways: quality of life/work-life balance is high, amazing LES, great housing, friendly locals, lots of opportunity to take leave due to the size of the community. - Apr 2016

The only expats I know here are associated with the Consulate and I think morale is quite high, at least among families. I think singles find it a bit slow and boring here, but generally there is a strong sense of community and people are happy. - Dec 2015

morale is good - lot of luxuries here compared to many posts - Aug 2015

There are about 48 ELOs-- so there is a nice large group to find people to connect to. During my time in Juarez morale was good. There were house parties, social gatherings like cooking competitions, clothing swaps, ladies night/guys night, organized downtown Juarez trips and winery trips. There was a cycling group, running group, tennis court in the consulate with organized lessons, etc. - Jun 2015

U.S. consulate only -- 85 direct hires. Morale is what you make it, here. - Jun 2014

Small. - Aug 2013

The consulate in Juarez is large, but there is not a presence of other countries' consulates. - Jun 2013

Hard to say. The maquila industry is rising again and many have foreign managers. Many, many residents of Juarez were born in El Paso. - Sep 2012

Very large if you count dual citizens who are US citizens by birth or through family, very small if you do not. The U.S. consulate is the only diplomatic mission in town and the maquilas have some managers who are international. That’s about it. - Jul 2011

Large, about 80+ US officers, specialists, and others - Jun 2011

It is tough to judge. The border is not really Mexico or the U.S., but something in between. People drift back and forth. Many people are citizens by birth in the U.S., but have lived their whole life in Mexico. - Mar 2009

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