Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

This is mainly a Catholic area. - Feb 2023

Very few in Ciudad Juarez, however, you can cross the border into El Paso. - Mar 2022

I’m not sure. I know there are colleagues that attend Catholic services in Juarez, but I believe they are in Spanish. A few LDS colleagues go to services in Juarez, but again, unsure about the language. Some go to El Paso for Jewish and LDS services, but they could easily be in Spanish there too. I imagine you can find what you’re looking for between the two cities, but I don’t have any experience. - Jun 2019

Catholic services in English are in CDJ; everything exists in El Paso. - Feb 2019

Probably in El Paso. - Jan 2019

People who want church services in English just drive over to El Paso, Texas. In the Green Zone of Juarez there are Catholic and Mormon churches. There may be others as well. All of the Anglican churches are in the "red zone." - Jun 2016

I went to religious services but in Spanish. Plenty of English services in El Paso. - Apr 2016

I believe there are English-language services of all faiths in El Paso. There are none that I know of in Juarez. Within the "green zone" (area we're allowed to travel in) there are Spanish-language Methodist, Mormon, nondenominational Christian, and many Catholic faith communities - that I know of. There may well be more. Spanish-language Anglican/Episcopalian and Lutheran churches in Juarez are in the "red zone" (where we can't go). - Dec 2015

options are in El Paso - Aug 2015

Everything in ELP, even a Tibetan Buddhist center.....who knew? - Jun 2014

Yes- in El Paso. Unknown in Juarez. - Aug 2013

English language religious services are only available if you cross an international border. - Aug 2013

I'm not sure what is availabe in Juarez, but El Paso seems to have everything available. - Jun 2013

Every denomination you can think of in Spanish. Some attend in Juarez. Others cross to El Paso. - Sep 2012

In El Paso. - Feb 2012

Pretty much every type of service is available in El Paso. - Jul 2011

All available in El Paso. - Jun 2011

Only in El Paso, but all denominations seem to be represented. - Mar 2009


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