Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Spanish is highly recommended here. It would be hard to live here if you did not know the language. - Feb 2023

Some is definitely helpful. Despite proximity to the United States, English speaking is less common than you may expect. Mexicans are nice about bad Spanish though. - Mar 2022

You need to know the basics. I struggled with the menus when I got here, mostly due to lack of exposure to Mexican Spanish. There aren’t a lot of tourists, so there is less English than in other parts of Mexico. Tutors are available, and you can take classes on both sides of the border, for Spanish, English, even Chinese. - Jun 2019

You cannot survive without Spanish. The level of English in the area is very, very low, including in the Consulate itself. - Feb 2019

Spanish is needed, but some get by without it. It is more common even in El Paso to not speak English than to not speak Spanish. There are many resources and opportunities to learn Spanish. - Jan 2019

A lot of Mexicans speak some English. You will meet lower income Mexicans who are fluent in English, because they lived in the US for years and are here only because they were deported. You will meet wealthier Mexicans who are fluent in English because they've paid for lessons.

English is actually taught in all public schools in Mexico, but with varying success. I find it convenient to know Spanish, but a lot of signs and store items have labels in both languages. - Jun 2016

the more the better, but you can get by with zero. Many locals know at least a tiny bit of English. - Apr 2016

You need Spanish. Locals do not speak English. - Apr 2016

The more you know, the better. Although this is a border post you might be surprised how many people don't speak English. Life here is much richer if you can at least understand Spanish and communicate the basics. Also, when you cross into El Paso you will find more people are speaking Spanish than English in the areas right by the border. - Dec 2015

it's always good to have a basic understanding - Aug 2015

Spanish is needed!!! You would not be able to do your job properly at the Consulate (visa interviews, political work, ACS work) if you could not speak or read Spanish. A 3/3 is needed in Spanish and you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you think otherwise. I found that Spanish was even needed in El Paso. My husband did not work at the Consulate so he was able to get by with his limited ability --but there were instances where it would have been helpful. - Jun 2015

Not much if you want to be a lump on a log. Most people understand English - Jun 2014

Some, but you can get by if you want. - Aug 2013

It is important to speak Spanish - otherwise you'll constantly be in El Paso. - Aug 2013

Many people in Juarez speak English, but knowing some basic Spanish for day-do-day communications (e.g., ordering at restaurants or communicating with household help) is very helpful. - Jun 2013

You can survive with English, but Spanish will make your time here richer. Even in El Paso, many do not speak English. - Sep 2012

It depends on how much you do in Juarez. - Feb 2012

Spanish is very useful if you’re going to do much shopping in Juarez. Some places have English speaking staff, but you can’t necessarily count on it. - Jul 2011

Not too much, as most shopping is done in El Paso. - Jun 2011

Many people speak at least some English, but the more Spanish you know, the better. You will not starve to death without it, but everything is harder. - Mar 2009

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