Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household is not as cheap, because many locals can get work visas and work in El Paso during the day. The average rate for domestic help is $10 USD per hour. - Feb 2023

Most people hire a cleaner to come once or twice a week. The houses are large, and cleaning them can take some time. - Mar 2022

Most people employ somebody to clean their house, especially for singles living in huge houses, at about US $20-30/session. Many families have nannies, and some people have gardeners. Labor is inexpensive and there are lots of available resources. - Jun 2019

Help is available, it’s typical to combine housekeepers and nannies. - Feb 2019

It's easy to get a housekeeper to come over one to two times a week and it generally costs US $20-30. Incredible nannies are available. - Jan 2019

Domestic help is very inexpensive --- around $20 a day. Most people have someone who comes once or twice a week. Dual working parents often have full-time or live-in nannies. Some have drivers. - Jun 2016

US$4-6 per hour. - Apr 2016

Very available and very reasonable. I miss my maid like crazy and know I will never have it that good again. - Apr 2016

We don't have domestic help but I think it's widely available and quite affordable. - Dec 2015

very available and affordable - Aug 2015

I have my housekeeper 1.5 days per week for US$60 per week and a dogwalker 5 hours per week for US$42 per week. - Jun 2014

Harder to find for young children, but affordable. - Aug 2013

If you work at the Consulate, you receive Consulate prices for domestic help. It is absurd. I highly recommend finding domestic help on the local economy where it is much more affordable. Seriously, some of my friends pay the equivalent of Montessori prices for nannies. - Aug 2013

Readily available and affordable. - Jun 2013

Very available. Reasonably affordable. If she's willing to risk her visa, a woman can cross the border and earn double the salary. - Sep 2012

Available. Not as inexpensive as other Latin America countries. - Feb 2012

Cleaning ladies charge $20-30/day and are readily available. The CLO keeps a list of cleared ones. - Jul 2011

Good, about $40 for one day a week maid service. Many nannies and gardeners also available. - Jun 2011

There is plenty. It is about US$20 to have someone clean your house. - Mar 2009

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