Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Most US mobile phones have international plans. - Feb 2023

We kept our American phones and plan and made sure it had US and Mexican coverage. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have similar plans. Some of the carriers require at least 50% of the data to be used in the US, but I haven’t had a problem. I’ve heard there are some good Mexican phone plan options for both country coverage, but I don’t have any experience. - Jun 2019

U.S. based T-Mobile and ATT are popular choices. - Feb 2019

Most major cell phone providers have "border plans" that allow you to use their service in the US and Mexico. - Jan 2019

We obtained a local phone number through Movistar. The plan works in the US and in Mexico. We Google-ported our American numbers, so we can still use those through our Mexican cell phone data line. I like having a local number, because it is easier for the local doctors, schools, friends, etc. to call me. That said, a lot of wealthier Mexicans have American phone numbers. It costs about 30 bucks a month for unlimited calls, text, and 1.5MB of data. - Jun 2016

Some U.S. carriers have good policies for use in both Mexico and U.S. Most people don't bother with a local carrier. - Apr 2016

Make sure you aren't roaming - even in El Paso. You will learn all sorts of manual tricks to start/stop data, connect to the 'right' towers etc. No way to explain it, ask when you get down there. It's not easy to be on the boarder in this respect but you figure it out. - Apr 2016

Several Mexican and U.S. cell phone companies have recently removed roaming charges between Mexico and the U.S. which is great news for folks posted here. The main Mexican cell phone providers are Telcel and Movistar. T-Mobile and MetroPCS both have quite low-cost unlimited plans that work on both sides of the border. I have MetroPCS and it's US$45/month for unlimited calls, texts & data (first 2 or 3GB of data at 4G speeds, which has been more than enough as we have great internet and I can use wireless when I'm at home). - Dec 2015

Many people purchase the U.S.-Mexico plan. Others have a U.S. phone and a local Mexico phone. - Aug 2015

AT&T viva Mexico plan plus Skype. - Jun 2014

No- great coverage- I was able to stay on my U.S. network in most of the city. - Aug 2013

Verizon has better reception than AT&T if you maintain a US service. - Jun 2013

Many of the US cell companies will add Mexican service for a small fee. - Sep 2012

I got a US Verizon phone/phone number and it works on both sides with just my prepaid US plan. - Feb 2012

The consulate provides a basic phone and plan to US employees. Prepaid phones are available through Telcel and Movistar. Many people tend to keep a US cell phone for use on the US side. AT&T and Verizon have plans that work on both sides of the border. Vonage and MagicJack are also popular. - Jul 2011

Post gives officers a Mexican cell phone for use in emergencies. People also tend to keep their US numbers, though coverage can be spotty on the Mexico side. - Jun 2011

You can get a plan from any of 4 providers. Despite proximity to the border, most U.S. phones do not work. At least one company has a pay as you go plan. - Mar 2009

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