Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

All of the above are off limits due to safety and crime concerns. Uber is ok and pretty cheap, but finding one might be a a challenge. You may have to wait 30 minutes or more, and they sometime will cancel on you. In other areas, Uber may not be available. - Feb 2023

No, but you can use Uber. - Mar 2022

They are off limits for security reasons. We can use Uber though, which is much cheaper in Mexico. - Jun 2019

We aren’t allowed to take most local transport. Taxis and Uber are available and permitted. - Feb 2019

Not recommended, probably discouraged. - Jan 2019

Nope. You can hire a U.S. Consulate driver in his free time if you need a ride. - Jun 2016

Not safe. - Apr 2016

No to trains and buses. We took taxis on occasion; was never clear if this was allowed by RSO or just frowned upon but I had no issues. Always did so in a group and usually with locals. - Apr 2016

We are not permitted to use local buses. Taxis are fine, I think, provided we follow RSO advice and call a specific company. We haven't had the need thus far. - Dec 2015

no - cannot take any local buses. Some taxi's are okay. Everyone drives their own vehicle. - Aug 2015

Not authorized to take trains, buses or taxis in Juarez. - Jun 2015

I have taken a few taxis. - Jun 2014

I would not take them. - Aug 2013

No - people drive themselves. - Jun 2013

No. - Sep 2012

No, you can not/should not ride the buses. There is a taxi company that is okay to use. - Feb 2012

There is a taxi service that you can call, but I wouldn’t use any of the buses. - Jul 2011

Not used. - Jun 2011

We cannot recommend the converted school buses for travel. There are many cab stands - pick up a cab there or call to request one. They are somewhat expensive. - Mar 2009

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