Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes, pretty much. They will bring the reader to you, so don't let your credit card out of your sight. - Feb 2023

Yes, you can use a credit card pretty much anywhere. We mostly use ATMs at the mall. - Mar 2022

Credit cards are accepted most places, except at very small food stands. There’s an ATM and a bank inside the Consulate that most employees use. I’ve used other ATMs around town without any issues, but I mostly get cash from the Consulate out of convenience. Lots of places will take your dollars if you don’t have pesos. - Jun 2019

Yes. Some people have had bad experiences with skimming in CDJ. There is an ATM and a bank branch at the Consulate. - Feb 2019

No issues. - Jan 2019

I use my credit cards and ATMs here with no problems. - Jun 2016

No problems. - Apr 2016

I used credit cards all the time. No issues. - Apr 2016

We just get cash from the bank branch at the Consulate but from what I understand it is safe to use ATMs and credit cards here. Cash is definitely king in Juarez, though, and some places are not equipped to accept cards, or can't accept U.S. cards. Most stores and restaurants accept dollars as well as pesos, usually at a very fair rate of exchange. - Dec 2015

no issue - opt for no foreign transaction fee. - Aug 2015

I never had an issue using my credit card while out for dinner or drinks in Juarez. I typically used the ATM at the Consulate if I wanted to take out Pesos. - Jun 2015

It's fine. - Jun 2014

They are fine and readily available. - Jun 2013

Go ahead and use them. Most stores and restaurants will accept them. - Sep 2012

There’s an ATM and Banamex branch in the consulate. Credit cards are pretty widely accepted, but I usually use cash just to be on the safe side. - Jul 2011

ATM machine is available in the consulate. - Jun 2011

Most credit card machines here print your entire number on the receipt, so the numbers are stolen a lot. Use ATMs inside the big stores and then shop. The bank kiosks have locking doors - that are usually broken. Never get money at night in one of those. - Mar 2009


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