Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

You can get pretty much everything you need here. You can also cross the border to El Paso pretty much anytime. Most make trips over the weekend. - Feb 2023

Very comparable, though local produce isn't as varied or nice-looking as in the US. Also, if you really want something, you can cross the border and get it in El Paso. - Mar 2022

The same, if a few dollars cheaper. Seasonal produce is much cheaper in Mexico, as are Mexican agricultural products (avocados are everywhere). There is Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, and Mexican supermarkets. I think everything can be found, perhaps with some research, but you can also shop in the US at Whole Foods, Albertson’s, Target, Sprouts, Walmart for anything you didn’t want to buy in Mexico. There’s also Amazon, if you need it. - Jun 2019

You can shop in El Paso, or in CDJ. Med advises bleaching your vegetables if from CDJ, and local refrigeration can be iffy, especially in summer. - Feb 2019

Cheaper and you can find everything in either Juarez or El Paso. - Jan 2019

The cost is similar to that of the U.S. You can get pretty much everything here in Juarez. - Jun 2016

Produce in Juarez is good and cheaper than in El Paso. Most other items are cheaper in El Paso. - Apr 2016

Similar to US but cheaper and less variety. Go to El Paso if you want specifics you cannot find in Juarez. - Apr 2016

As mentioned previously I'd say an average grocery run in Juarez costs about 2/3 what it would in the U.S. Linens, durable goods, and electronics are probably cheaper and better quality in the U.S. - Dec 2015

You can get pretty much any food item you would want in Juarez, either at the local grocery or Costco or Sam's club. El Paso offers anything else you would want. There is a traditional grocery chain, target, and Sprouts that people enjoy. - Aug 2015

Mexican stores are fine. I shop in ELP. In Juarez there is Costco, Walmart, Office Depot etc. And of course in ELP too. - Jun 2014

Same as in Texas, or less expensive. - Aug 2013

Most people grocery shop in El Paso, and there are the usual chain restaurants and a couple of boutique health-food stores. - Jun 2013

Everything is available. Produce is often cheaper and of better quality in El Paso. Americans posted to Juarez get privileges at Fort Bliss. - Sep 2012

Acceptable in Mexico and the US (less then D.C.) and really good if you shop at Ft. Bliss. - Feb 2012

Everything’s available in El Paso and many US products are available in Mexico as well. Prices are US prices in El Paso, and similar in Mexico though the tax is higher. - Jul 2011

Most people do their shopping in the US, so it is US prices. - Jun 2011

Soriana, SMart, and Superette are the three main local grocery stores. Government employees may also shop at the Fort Bliss commisary. There is no U.S. product you cannot get, one way or another. - Mar 2009

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