Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Streets are not ADA compliant, so I imagine it would be difficult for those with disabilities. - Feb 2023

If they didn't have a car, yes. Sidewalks are pretty rare, but I have seen some handicapped spots at many of the stores. If you can drive, you can get pretty much anywhere here. - Mar 2022

Perhaps. It isn’t really a walkable city, so if you have a car or other means of transportation, it could be doable. The sidewalks around the Consulate area have ramps. There are handicapped parking spaces in most of the grocery stores and shopping centers. Not a lot of high rises around, so there isn’t a need for elevators/stairs. The Consulate seems ADA-accessible. - Jun 2019

It is a driving city. - Feb 2019

Yes and no. There aren't sidewalks, you will have to drive everywhere, but all of the newer developments are built and designed to be friendly to those with disabilities. I wouldn't rule out Juarez as an option. - Jan 2019

There are some sidewalks, but not always. - Jun 2016

No sidewalks. This is not a walkable city in any way. - Apr 2016

No sidewalks to speak of. - Apr 2016

There are definitely not the accommodations one would find in the U.S. but overall I think it could be OK. Most supermarkets, malls, etc. are accessible. - Dec 2015

no, I don't think so - Aug 2015

Juarez is not a walking friendly city anyhow as there are only a few sidewalks located around the Consulate, so I would guess that someone with a physical disability would get along fine in Juarez. The Consulate is a beautiful new building, elevator access so I would imagine the person could easily get around the interior. When travelling to El Paso, that is not a walking friendly city either. A car is key. - Jun 2015

Not if they had a car, they would likely be ok. - Jun 2014

Not sure. - Aug 2013

There are little to no sidewalks or ramps. - Aug 2013

I don't believe so. - Jun 2013

Sidewalks, where they exist, are torn up and uneven. Buses and taxis do not accommodate disabilities (not that you'd want to be on a bus anyway). - Sep 2012

I don't think it is much different from any other U.S. city. - Feb 2012

Many. There are not sidewalks in many areas, many buildings are not handicapped accessible. - Jul 2011

Not if they can drive. The new Consulate compound seems accessable. - Jun 2011

Nowhere in Mexico is well designed for people with disabilities, but there are some handicapped parking spaces. At least one of those we know of has a power pole in the middle of it, so maybe it is the parking space itself which suffers the disability. - Mar 2009

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