Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

This is Mexico, so yes. A machismo society. - Feb 2023

Probably, because isn’t this a problem everywhere to a certain extent? However, I can’t really comment on anything specific. Juarez has a history with femicide, but not as much recently. There is some tension in other parts of the country with indigenous groups. - Jun 2019

The situation is largely as in the US. - Feb 2019

Attitudes are similar to what you will encounter across the US. - Jan 2019

The area is predominantly Catholic. There are very few people here of African descent, so I don't know if an African American would feel uncomfortable with being such a minority. I personally have never encountered any prejudices. - Jun 2016

Not that I experienced... - Apr 2016

No - Apr 2016

None that I am aware of, but I truly don't have the basis to say for sure. - Dec 2015

not that I know of - Aug 2015

I don't think there are problems, however Juarez (and El Paso for that matter) is not a very diverse city. In my (and my husband's experience) non-Hispanic people stick out in both Juarez and El Paso. Particularly in Juarez, if you're at the mall for example, be prepared for people to be looking at you. In El Paso it's assumed that you're not from the area and that you're most likely somehow associated with Fort Bliss (located in El Paso). Again, no issues-- it's just something that I noticed. - Jun 2015

Not really. - Jun 2014

Not that I observed. - Aug 2013

Other than having to put up with some "machismo", women are well respected and well treated. - Jun 2013

Not particularly. Machismo is alive and well, but it doesn't impact work or quality of life. - Sep 2012

I haven't noticed. - Feb 2012

Machismo is alive in Mexico, moreso with older generations than with younger people. - Jul 2011

None that I have seen. - Jun 2011

None that we have seen. - Mar 2009


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