Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I would say no. Not good for anyone, unless you need the money for hardship differential or are forced to come here. - Feb 2023

Yes, this is good for everybody. For singles, you can go to bars and restaurants, and can date in Mexico or the US. For families, there are lots of family-friendly activities, within the community and with locals. The community is close (see above) so it seems like a good option for everybody. - Jun 2019

Singles and couples, yes. Schooling and a small number of kids at post makes this difficult for families. - Feb 2019

It's challenging for families with school age children due to the school situation. - Jan 2019

It is a good city for all of the above. The Consulate community is huge, and there are always activities going on. Juarez also has lots of concerts and shows, as do El Paso and Las Cruces. - Jun 2016

Good for all. A lot of families at consulate. Mexicans love kids, and you can bring them anywhere. It is safe enough now that singles do go out in Juarez (in the safer parts of town). - Apr 2016

Definitely a lot of families. However, with such a large ELO community, there were a fair amount of singles, too. I was single, dated both in Juarez and El Paso and met some great people. To be sure, you have to look for opportunities to meet other single professionals but it's do-able. Fort Bliss is also a MASSIVE military base with lots of people "like us" - meaning, not from El Paso but there for a few years. Get out, explore, be adventurous and keep your eyes open :) - Apr 2016

I would guess it might be harder to be here for singles or couples than for families. While my husband and I do feel comfortable going out at night we stay clear of bars/clubs/etc. It's a very comfortable life here for families, I think. - Dec 2015

definitely for families. There are many travel/day options for singles/couples but it is limited because of security restrictions. Though every week there are more and more restaurant options and many people bike, hike, or camp on weekends throughout the southwest. Families spend time together, go to the zoo, park, water parks, etc. - Aug 2015

When I first arrived at post it was a mostly young, singles post. When I left post in 2015 it had dramatically changed to a more family post (young families and families with children in high school). I'm married, but I've heard some singles say that it's hard post for singles because it's difficult to meet people in Juarez or El Paso--- however I also have single friends in Chicago (a very large and diverse city) say it's hard to meet people in such a big city. So-- I think it depends on your attitude in terms of if Juarez is a "good post" for singles, couples or kids. It's going to be different for each individual. - Jun 2015

All. - Jun 2014

Yes- great for families- Mexicans are very family-oriented. There are play areas in almost all of the shopping malls in both Juarez and El Paso, lots of kid-friendly events and restaurants, and the best childcare facilities I have seen in churches anywhere in the world. - Aug 2013

Best for singles and couples, also easy for families with small children. Families with school-aged children may chose to split their family to El Paso for the educational opportunities there. - Jun 2013

Families and couples will do best. Singles have a hard time dating in the local community and dating across the border brings its own challenges. However, there have been several marriages and long-term relationships among colleagues. - Sep 2012

Right now there are mostly just singles and couples here. It is hard because it is not recommended to be out and about. Families are less impacted by that, but there are not a lot of families here, but it has lots of potential: good school options, easy work commutes, good shopping (you can even shop at the commissary at Ft. Bliss saving you lots of $$), America close by and easy and cheap travel to see extended family more often. - Feb 2012

I think that it's a tough city for everyone in some respect. Singles can feel very isolated since it is difficult to go out and socialize due to security concerns. Families feel stress from worrying for the safety of their family members and feeling cooped up inside sometimes. - Jul 2011

This is a great post for couples, and an OK post for singles and families. Many officers at post are single and attempt to date in El Paso with limited success. There are a growing number of families with infants and toddlers, but few with school age children. I would think with school age children they would not feel as connected to the Consulate community, however those with kids seem to like the schools. - Jun 2011

It is a tough city for everyone right now. Singles may have it the worst because it is hard to go out without worrying about the security situation. - Mar 2009

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