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In my opinion, Minsk is a wonderful place to live. - Apr 2019

We needed to do a hardship tour, and wanted something that was safe for the kids. Minsk fits that very well. Yes, there are some issues here, as what makes this a hardship post isn't one big thing but lots of little things. All those little things can wear on you at times. However, it has been a relatively good tour for the most part. You can easily save money, and we've been able to get a lot of things either shipped in, or up in Vilnius.

Russian is not an easy language to learn, but my husband has gotten quite good at it and many of the locals are generally very happy when you try to speak it to them, even if you make mistakes. The local staff at the US Embassy is the best local staff I have dealt with yet. They are extremely helpful, and will bend over backwards to make things good for people here. We've also met some other great people in the expat community here. That being said, there is a reason this post comes with R&Rs and while I don't regret doing this and would consider it (or something similar) again, it would only be after a tour in either the States or a more Western posting. - Oct 2011

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