Cape Town - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

USA. The trip is long and usually involves flying to the EU or Dubai then down to Cape Town. United Airlines started a direct flight from Newark to Cape Town but the pandemic affected that route. - Aug 2021

USA. Pre-Covid flight options weren’t great. All required a stop in Jo’berg, the Middle East or Europe. There has been talk of direct flights but so far none have materialized. Currently with South Africa’s covid strain flights are very limited. - Apr 2021

London is currently "home." There are non-stop flights from Cape Town, or cheaper options to connect through the Middle East. We have family in Australia, which typically means a connection in Johannesburg, then either direct or stopping in SE Asia.

To the USA, the quickest route is usually via Amsterdam, because KLM flies to Cape Town on a reverse schedule from other EU carriers (south during the day, north overnight) meaning shorter connections. There are cheaper options to the USA via the Middle East. - Feb 2018

United States -- Washington, D.C. Total travel time is about 24 hours, via either Dakar or Accra (you don't deplane, just sit for an hour, although some passengers will get off and others get on) and Johannesburg. - Oct 2017

The Southeastern U.S. Cape Town is very far from the U.S., a fact that is obvious to anyone looking at a map; however, the reality of it becomes clear in the flight times and more importantly the expense of flights. Transit consists of two reasonably long flights - a hop to Europe and then 10 hours down to Cape Town - or a very long flight to Jo'burg- Atlanta to Jo'burg was my route - followed by a connection to Cape Town. All of this costs a lot of money as your friends and relatives will discover when they want to come visit. - May 2014

DC. There are a couple of flight options, but our family normally does DC-Jo'burg-Cape Town. - Aug 2013


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