Cape Town - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It is available, but it can take a long time to set up. It took a month before the company was able to install my fibre internet service. - Aug 2021

Good Internet for $60 a month. - Apr 2021

Fiber is being rolled out in some areas of the city. ADSL is up to 20Mbps, and microwave is also available to avoid copper line theft, which is an issue. Ten years ago, it was super slow and super expensive. Now you can get unlimited (or near to it) data at a streaming/facetime happy speed for around $100US. - Feb 2018

The communities near the consulate have recently switched over to fiber internet. The speed is generally good, though there is occasional slowness --sometimes lasting the better part of a day -- or outages. Installation can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks -- customer service, punctuality and reliability are not prioritized here the way they are in the States or many other places, and that is true of Internet installation as with many other services. But you could get lucky. If your home is already wired for fiber, M-Web or Web Africa internet service is generally fairly easy to set up; we were able to set up Web Africa over the phone as we already had a router in the house. - Oct 2017

Internet is expensive. - May 2014

I don't think "high-speed" internet, as a concept, has reached here. The internet we have is suitable for Skype and downloading movies, music and TV through I-Tunes. It costs about US$70/month and the service has been pretty good when I have had issues. - Aug 2013

ADSL is available, but very pricey for slower than US speeds and limited bandwidth. Expect to pay upwards of US$130/month for all costs and not be satisfied! - Oct 2007

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