Cape Town - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. - Aug 2021

Ants in the winter. - Apr 2021

Those little black ants that like sweet things will invade our house every winter and build a nest in something electrical to stay warm... we've lost a printer, router, cordless phone, DVD player... Flies get annoying in the summer and it takes some effort to fight the roaches. Big cat-sized rats are spotted in the city, but we've only found tiny little mice in our home. - Feb 2018

We have periodic ant infestations. - Oct 2017

Nothing worth reporting. - May 2014

Very few insect issues. Having come from other parts of Africa, we were suprised by the lack of insects. No need for malaria medication in Cape Town, few ants, no roaches/beetles. - Aug 2013

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