Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

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The New York Times named Mexico City as the number one travel destination for 2016, for good reason. - Sep 2016

Mexico City Foreign Service tours just went from two years to three. I will be curious to see if that is rescinded a few years from now. - May 2016

It is a very fascinating place. - May 2016

Wouldn't trade in this experience for anything. - Dec 2013

Most tourists rush to the beach or the pyramids. They are missing a fantastic city which offers everything. - May 2012

Have an open mind and an ability to laugh at foolishness. - Apr 2010

Enjoy the city, it is very pretty, be careful. - Feb 2010

I think Mexico City has a pretty bad rep in the United States as crime-ridden, dirty and chaotic. It definitely has problems, but it is very doable, and many expats have great experiences. The key is maximizing all the pros (shopping, food, travel, activities) and minimizing the cons (e.g., be smart about crime, avoid driving during rush hour, etc.). - Jan 2010

I love Mexico City, but I also know that I have to be very careful of my surroundings to protect my family. - Nov 2008

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