Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Culture and more culture. Food! - Jan 2024

All the advantages of living in a world capital. Restaurants...have I mentioned the food??!! Museums, performances, parks, nice shopping, travel.... - Jul 2023

Good weather, minus pollution, good health care, friendly people, fun excursions, great food. - Apr 2021

The proximity to the US is very helpful, particularly to facilitate visits by family members (which can be good and bad!). It's also quite affordable. - May 2020

close proximity to activities, restaurants,etc, and the ability to walk or take a short Uber ride to nearly everywhere. - Apr 2019

Close to home, life is really easy, the weather is beautiful, the people are nice, the food is incredible, there are so many travel opportunities...I could go on and on. - Apr 2019

This is an exciting, cosmopolitan place: you will never lack for fun things to do. - May 2017

Access to world-class museums, art, music. A sophisticated and incredibly warm population. Incredible restaurants of every sort and at every price range. Low cost of living. Easy regional travel. - Sep 2016

Mexico City has a lot to offer. Lots of things to see and do. - Jun 2016

Great food, lots to do and see--though we have small children which makes it much more difficult. Very affordable childcare. Many might say the weather but given the awful pollution (worst in 15 years) and the fact that the thermostat in our non-air conditioned apartment bedroom registers 86 degrees as we are trying to go to sleep, the weather is not a selling point for me. - May 2016

Interesting culture, amazing weather almost every single day of the year, incredible travel opportunities. - May 2016

It's very "easy" in terms of feeling like you can get most things you want from the US. It is inexpensive to travel within the country and there is so much history here. - May 2016

The weather is FANTASTIC. It's a very clean (in the nice neighborhoods at least), cosmopolitan city. There are great travel destinations by car and plane in Mexico, the food is great, and it is a very "easy" place to live in general. We have really enjoyed the beaches and mountains in particular. Household help is affordable. - Oct 2014

Weather - it's pretty much perfect year round. - Aug 2014

Mexico City is amazing. Perfect weather (75-80F and sunny year-round, NO humidity), TONS to do: cultural sites, sporting events, and sports you can participate in, parks, lots of other expats from all over, tons of interesting/brilliant/friendly locals to hang out with, good public transit system, great bike share program. Lots of different options for where to live. Tons of places to visit within driving distance (smaller cities/beaches away from city). Oh, and the food?! Yeah. - Apr 2014

Travel to the beautiful beach resorts of Mexico and very close to the U.S. Mexico City has so many things to offer; arts, music, history, archaeology and museums. The neighboring cities are equally wonderful and interesting. And yes, you can save money but I found it expensive to shop at the mall here. However, local produce are cheap . The Mexicans are friendly people. It is not difficult to make friends here. Women are always elegant, they even walk around in high heels. The weather is very mild winter and summer. It rains a lot from July to November. - Mar 2014

Mexico City is a real treat because it affords a good amount of luxury, comforts, travel opportunities, culture, big city amenities and entertainment, and off-the-beaten path opportunities for visitors. The weather is spectacular. The people are incredibly friendly. As a tourist or a resident, you can spend as much or as little as you want on food, entertainment, etc. There is never a lack of things to do, as even the most adventurous never tick everything off their bucket list. If you like Mexican food, you're in luck! (Though here, they just call it "food.") - Dec 2013

Everything! El DF is full of very interesting places to visit and countless museums, such as the Arqueologico, Franz Mayer, MAP, Colegio de San Idelfonso, etc. The Old Town (Zocalo and surroundings) is fascinating. Condesa, El Angel, Coyoacan are beautiful -- and safe, with a lot of historical places to visit and a vibrant street life. Close to Mexico City are the colonial towns of Puebla, Tepoztlan and its impressive Museum of Colonial art, Teotihuacan and its massive pyramids, Cuernavaca, El Desierto de los Leones natural park... El DF can be kind of pricey, depending your preferences, but there are also many good and cheap places to eat at and purchase crafts. DF has fancy supermarkets such as Superama, Costco, Mega and Citymarket. The weather is perfect here, always mild. However, the pollution can be bad. - Jul 2013

Mexico, the country as a whole, has a lot to offer. If you like history, you'll really have a party here exploring all of the archeological sites. We really loved driving to many different places/states to see them all. - Jan 2013

Life in Mexico City (and Mexico in general) is pretty cheap, and there are lots of beautiful little towns to visit in addition to the more touristy beaches. Mexico City has nearly perfect weather year 'round. - Jan 2013

Weather, fantastic culture, delicious food, all at a fraction of the cost in the US. No saving money if you extensively visit the country like we did. - May 2012

Perfect weather, big city/ first-world amenities and infrastructure, easy language, easy to visit the US - Apr 2011

Rich cultural heritage makes travel in Mexico very interesting. - Apr 2010

The city full of musuems, parks, and the country rich of a lot of historicals thing to visit, beaches, saving not really, unles you know your way around, they have very good markets every Saturday, for Veggies,Fruits, meat, chickens, and everything cross your mind, ten you will save , but if you use the big supermarkets , you will end up spending more than DC. - Feb 2010

Rich culture, amazing travel, good weather, and great food. - Jan 2010

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