Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

USA, easy travel - Jan 2024

DC area. Some direct flights, fairly easy travel. - Jul 2023

DC. CDMX is an easy 3-6 hour flight depending on connections. - Apr 2021

Washington, DC. There are easy direct flights to DC and practically anywhere else in the US. This is the easiest post, by far, for getting back home. - May 2020

Washington DC. It is about a 5-6 hour direct flight from Mexico City into the major airports in the area. We have had no issues traveling back and forth to our home city or to most places in the US for that matter. - Apr 2019

It is about a three hour flight to Houston. It is so easy to travel back and forth to the U.S. The flight times are reasonable and the flights are short and easy. - Apr 2019

Colorado, there is one direct flight into Denver, however, the majority of the flights connect through Houston or Dallas. The trip is typically around seven hours. - Jun 2018

Texas: an easy direct flight from Mexico City to practically every large town in Texas. - May 2017

Washington, D.C. by default. There are direct flights on United to Dulles. The U.S. Embassy's contract carrier is Delta which involves a change in Atlanta, but arrives at Reagan National, which may be more convenient for travelers. - Sep 2016

Belgrade, Serbia. There is a long connecting flight from Belgrade, via Frankfurt, to Washington DC. Then there is a direct flight from DC to Mexico City. I remember Lufthansa having a much more comfortable flight than United. - Jun 2016

Washington DC, just a few hours direct flight. One of the pleasures of serving in Mexico! - May 2016

Washington, DC and Massachusetts. Direct flights are possible to both places. Takes about 5 -6 hours. - May 2016

Washington DC, a few hours. - May 2016

Pennsylvania. It's usually two 2.5 hour flights through Houston, DFW, or Atlanta. - Oct 2014

Miami is a quick 3 hours non-stop flight. There are many, many daily flights from Mexico City to Miami. - Aug 2014

Home base?! What is that?? Direct flights to many U.S. cities and also connections to anywhere via Houston, Atlanta, or Dallas. - Apr 2014

From Washington, D.C. , with one stop in Dallas/TX, is almost 8 hours. - Mar 2014

Washington DC. 4.30 hours to Mexico City. Direct flight. - Jul 2013

Maryland in the U.S. A direct flight takes about five hours from Mexico City to Dulles. - Jan 2013

Toronto, a 5-hour direct flight. - Jan 2013

US. Five hours with United. Nine hours (2 legs+ lay over) with American Airlines, the mandatory route for Mexico to DC on State Department orders. - May 2012

Easy four-hour direct flight from Washington Dulles - Apr 2011

Home base in US. Regular flights to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami with little difficulty. - Apr 2010

DCA, 5 hours without connection. - Feb 2010

Los Angeles, USA - about 4 hours. - Jan 2010

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