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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. About a week. - Jul 2023

Yep. A week, maybe? - Apr 2021

It is readily available and there are a variety of services. We opted the provider which the previous tenants of our apartment had used, so it was installed within a week of arrival. - May 2020

It is available and some companies are better than others for many reasons. We have telmex who is very reliable, we have also heard that Izzy is reliable. Whatever you do please do not get TotalPlay. Some people have luck with them, but I have heard of more people who do not. I also heard that it is a nightmare trying to cancel your contact with them when it is time to depart. It took us about 3weeks to get installations when we first arrived, and that was with TotalPlay. After initial install, they had to come out a few more times because the services was not working properly. After about a year we switched to Telmex because total play had way too many outages, which would result in days sometimes weeks of no service, and their repair response time was super slow. - Apr 2019

Yes. It is excellent and about $50 a month. It can be installed within a couple of days. I have never had it go out in two years. - Apr 2019

Yes, it is available. Our service frequently goes out multiple times a day. Ours was already installed in our apartment when we arrived. - Jun 2018

Internet sometimes takes a while for people to figure out, as some companies are more reliable than others. I had better internet in Europe but worse internet in Falls Church, VA. - May 2017

Yes, our internet is fast (not quite as fast as we pay for, but close) and reliable. It took about a week to have it installed. We have a package bundled with cable tv, which I think we'll eventually cancel because we never watch regular tv, we just stream. Even with a VPN our internet is fast enough to stream anything we want. Good internet is definitely a perk. - Sep 2016

It took us several weeks to get the Internet installed. After canceling with the provider, the guy came the next day after and installed everything. We took "Izzy" and the service is okay, with occasional short bugs. Ask which providers are used in your building. In general, the customer service is bad. So be patient. - Jun 2016

Our internet is AWFUL and SLOW. Not worth whatever we pay for it. - May 2016

Yes, cost is 800 pesos a month with cable service. Service is okay. - May 2016

Yes. We pay about $100/month for 200 mbps (I don't think it's that fast - it never is as fast as the company says). - May 2016

Yes. Around 700 pesos a month (about 50 bucks) and plenty fast. - Oct 2014

Yes! Cost depends on the provider and plan you choose. "Total play" is popular and one of their more pricer plans is about US$100. - Aug 2014

Yes. US$75 per month (more or less)? - Apr 2014

Yes, it is. Price and speed are about the same as the U.S. - Mar 2014

Yep - variety of carriers. We paid about US$80 a month but had very fast service (Axtel). Getting set up is a nightmare for everyone, so plan on getting frustrated. - Dec 2013

Our high-speed internet is packaged with the TV--Dish Network. - Jan 2013

Yes, Cablevision and others have high speed internet services for similar prices to those in Canada/US. - Jan 2013

Yes. Less than $40 a month for 2MB. - May 2012

Telmex DSL is similar in cost and performance to Verizon DSL--that is to say usable and almost up to first-world standards. For those who have the choice, DSL and landline can be bundled for about $50 total per month. However due to complexities of landlines, embassy personnel are required to keep them separate and pay about $40 for each. Telmex's 3g wireless internet for laptops is probably the best deal in the country at about $35, and the business community swears by it. Cablevision also offers somewhat faster internet, and has recently been allowed to bundle phone services as well, but they are not available in all residential areas. - Apr 2011

Cablevision has a combo package, but the telephone company is much more reasonable and has better service. - Apr 2010

Yes, $80 a month. - Feb 2010

Yes, we got DSL through the local provider for about 25 dollars a month. Not always reliable. - Jan 2010

yes...same as the U.S. - Nov 2008

Yes. You can arrange this through the phone company, Telcel, (which we did). This is about US$50/mo. You can also get cable DSL through your TV cable company package. I'm not sure of this cost, but I think it's closer to US$130/mo. - Oct 2008

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