Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

In my experience and from what I have heard, it's generally very welcoming in the areas expats frequent. - Jul 2023

Not sure, but I’ve heard generally positive things. - Apr 2021

I believe so. I have seen a ton of activities, events supportive of LGBT-related causes. - May 2020

There seems to be acceptance of the LGBT community, never heard of any negatives. - Apr 2019

Yes, especially Polanco. People are very open and accepting. I see lots of couples openly displaying affection and it is nothing to remark on. - Apr 2019

Yes, I have not witnessed anything that would lead me to say it's not. - Jun 2018

This is a great city for the LGBT community. There is no stigma that I have noticed. - May 2017

Gay marriage is legal in Mexico City. That said, there is a move to make gay marriage legal across the country, and there is a lot of push back from the general Mexican public against this. But I don't think anyone in Mexico City would have a problem. - Sep 2016

Yup. I have seen many same-sex couples holding hands in the center (although, locals have told me that it's not the same in many suburban zones). There are many clubs in the Zona Rosa. - Jun 2016

- May 2016

I believe that the city has a long tradition of being a place where gay and lesbian people are welcome and safe. - May 2016

I think so, but I do not know. - May 2016

Yes, I think. - Oct 2014

Yup, good for them too. - Aug 2014

Yes, there is an area here called Zona Rosa where gay bars are abound. - Mar 2014

Excellent. DF and Quintana Roo are two states in Mexico that recognize and perform gay marriage. I was here as part of a gay couple, and the city is very open. You'll see straight and gay alike making out on every corner (people can't do it at home), and most people don't care. They have a good-sized Pride parade. There are at least a dozen well-known dance clubs that steer gay, tons of bars in Zona Rosa catering to gays, and a mixture of both that cater to your various queer types (bears, les, white, dark, etc.). Money goes a long way in this town, so if you look wealthy (read: foreigner), you'll bypass everyone else waiting in line - so be prepared to say 'excuse me' and look humbly grateful. - Dec 2013

Yes. The gay comunity is pretty large here. Gay marriage is legal in Mexico DF. - Jul 2013

Yes, there is a pretty big gay and lesbian community. I have heard of (and seen) the Gay and Lesbian Parade that takes place once a year. - Jan 2013

Yes, same-sex marriage is legal in Mexico City, and there are often PRIDE events. - Jan 2013

It is a great city for all. - May 2012

Yes - Apr 2011

Mexico City is becoming more and more tolerant of the gay community. Cultural taboos still exict for lesbians. There is a whole revamped red-light district filled with gay bars and specialty shops. - Apr 2010

Of course. - Feb 2010

Seems pretty good, but no details. - Jan 2010

I see a lot of public affection between same sexes. - Nov 2008

Not sure. - Oct 2008

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