Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. - Jan 2024

Probably, but three years will be enough. I also would have chosen to live in Lomas. - Jul 2023

Yup. But I think 3.5 years will be enough. - Apr 2021

One hundred percent. I will find it very hard to leave here! - May 2020

Yes. - Apr 2019

I wish I never had to leave. - Apr 2019

Yes, I love it! - Jun 2018

Absolutely. - May 2017

Absolutely. - Sep 2016

No. If I had a do-over in life, I would not have brought my small children here. I feel terribly guilty. - May 2016

I have very mixed feelings. I always say that this would have been so different prior to kids. I think that the negative experiences with the schools kind of changed everything for me, and that I never felt as comfortable here knowing what my kids had experienced. - May 2016

Absolutely. - May 2016

ABSOLUTELY. - Oct 2014

NO!!! - Aug 2014

Yes. Definitely. Loved it. - Apr 2014

Yes, definitely. Mexico City is such a lovely place and a good place for history buffs. - Mar 2014

Absolutely. Mexico City is so completely under the radar right now because of the violence in the north. Take advantage of it while you still can! - Dec 2013

Yes. I would return to Mexico anytime. - Jul 2013

Yes. Definitely! - Jan 2013

yes - Jan 2013

Yes. - May 2012

Absolutely! - Apr 2011

We were there for three years and that was plenty. We don't regret it, but we would be hard pressed to go back. - Apr 2010

Yes - Feb 2010

It worked for us as a first overseas assignment (especially compared to other places my colleagues went), but it wasn't easy and we were definitely ready to leave after two years. There are enough U.S. amentities to make it an easy first transition, as well as being close to the U.S. for visiting family. Mexico City and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer, and if you are in the U.S. government this is the place to be. The key is to travel, travel, travel. - Jan 2010

Yes. I was nervous about living in such a big city, but the feel of the city is much smaller than you imagine as you carve out your community where you work, shop, play, etc. We love the Mexican friends we made there, and we have many fond memories of our time. We would definitely go back someday, and while it is not the easiest place to live, the overall experience is worth it. - Mar 2009

This is my second time. The answer is yes even though safety and security is an issue. - Nov 2008

Absolutely. It's a wonderful country! - Oct 2008

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