Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Good cheese: I would pack it in my suitcase after trips home. - Jan 2024

Nothing really, although we stock up on Trader Joe's when we're back home. - Jul 2023

The O’s, obviously. But really, not much of anything. - Apr 2021

For some reason, it's hard to find the various types of canned tomatoes that you can find elsewhere. They seem to only have whole, peeled tomatoes or tomato sauce. It can be frustrating, but not a big deal. - May 2020

Nothing really, we can find just about anything however to me brands taste different from what they do in the US (i.e. mayonnaise, Doritos, and some other items). I am very picky about brands and the taste of things so we order a lot of our condiments and other food items from Amazon Prime Pantry, Walmart and Target. - Apr 2019

You can find everything here. - Apr 2019

Around Thanksgiving, people talked about not being able to find French's fried onions or canned pumpkin, but on a regular basis, there isn't much that you can't find locally. - May 2017

Nothing, really. Saline solution is expensive and difficult to get through the diplomatic pouch (liquid restrictions). - Sep 2016

Patio furniture (expensive here). Goldfish, Triscuits and spices. - May 2016

If I could do it again, I would ship my sofa and get it re-upholstered here. Consumer items are widely available. - May 2016

Nothing. You can get it all on Amazon. I've gotten used to making my own salad dressings and pickles, neither is a huge thing here, but that's mostly Google and ordering pickling spices. - May 2016

The only thing I can't find is free-and-clear detergent. Occasionally it has been available at the Commissary. Also, I wish I could ship good quality deli meat. That's the only disappointing food item here I can think of. You can get plain turkey or ham but forget your Boar's Head cajun turkey breast! - Oct 2014

You can find everything here but there's no CVS or Walgreens. So items of that nature, I would ship. - Aug 2014

Chocolate chips and brown sugar! - Apr 2014

None. Everything is available here. - Mar 2014

Everything can be shipped via Amazon, if you have that luxury. If not, I'd bring everything I needed - including a refrigerator, etc. - as many apartments come completely unfurnished and without even basic appliances, so you will need to supply these things. The other sound advice I received before arrival was that you can find absolutely anything you want in Mexico, but you should buy your clothes and electronics in the U.S. The prices are higher and the quality is worse. - Dec 2013

You can get everything here. Maybe some more Ikea furniture. - Jul 2013

You really can get everything you need here. The American brands cost a little bit more (like about 25% higher than what they cost in US). Asian ingredients are not easy to get, and when you see them in the super markets the prices are very high. - Jan 2013

Spices: they have little choice -- but many new Chili peppers. - May 2012

That stereo and computer I sent to a landfill before leaving Washington. In Mexico, someone would fix them up and keep them running and well-used for another decade or two. - Apr 2011

Comfortable walking shoes. - Apr 2010

None - Feb 2010

Nothing comes to mind. You can get anything you need from the U.S. pretty fast. - Jan 2010

Tampons, root beer, gluten-free foods, cosmetic products, Hope"s Perfect Glass window cleaner. You can get all these things here if you are willing to pay a very inflated price. - Nov 2008

Nothing. Everything you would want is available here, but usually more expensive. - Oct 2008

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