Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Local and international postage system works well for those who do not have access to diplomatic pouch. - Jul 2023

We’ve got pouch. Two weeks or so. - Apr 2021

DPO via Brownsville. Mail is delivered 3x a week, and we usually receive Amazon orders within a week. We are very lucky to still have DPO service during the COVID pandemic as the mail comes over land vice any commercial air flights. - May 2020

Through the dip pouch which comes through Brownsville. You can typically receive mail within a week, and deliveries are 3x per week. - Apr 2019

We use the embassy mail system which comes through Texas and takes about a week. - Apr 2019

We use the embassy mail services. Mail is shipped through Brownsville, TX, and typically takes one week to arrive. - Jun 2018

The U.S. mission has a mailing address in Texas. - May 2017

We use the diplomatic pouch, but have had to send documents to the United States via FedEx and there has never been a problem. If you drop off your package by noon, it delivers in the United States the next day. - Sep 2016

It takes a long time to send even postcards by regular mail. And sometimes mail gets lost. I encountered a couple of branch post offices which didn't sell envelopes, so I did everything at the central post office (near Bellas Artes) which has everything. - Jun 2016

Brownsville address, no complaints other than why doesn't the Embassy have a functional click-and-ship machine yet? - May 2016

Through the Embassy which has a shipping station. I have also received things at my home address by UPS without problems but our bills are always late in arriving and our phone is constantly being turned off. - May 2016

Mail to and from the embassy in Mexico City is so easy. You'll only lose a couple of days when sending or receiving. - May 2016

Embassy folks get their mail routed through Brownsville, TX. It's fantastic because there aren't as many size/contents limitations and it comes FAST. Mail is brought in on M, W, F, and usually gets to the Embassy the day after it arrives in Brownsville. I use Amazon Prime's free two-day shipping and often things show up 3 days after I placed the order. - Oct 2014

The Embassy is really luck in this department. We have an address in Brownsville, TX where all of our mail is delivered to and is trucked in. If a package was delivered to Brownsville on Monday then expect it on Wednesday - it's that fast! - Aug 2014

Through diplomatic pouch but the local post is also reliable. - Mar 2014

U.S. embassy has a variety of mail options. It's not terribly cheap, but it's easy enough. You don't receive mail in your mailbox in Mexico - that's not a thing here. Netflix for some reason takes ages to get here and back, but Amazon was extremely fast. I'd often feel that the box arrived before I even placed the order! - Dec 2013

DPO. Very fast. - Jul 2013

We use the embassy's postal service. - Jan 2013

Via the embassy. - May 2012

I used the embassy logistics center in Texas. For those coming from Washington it can be useful to have that Texas address on record rather than the standard one in Virginia. The embassy commissary sells US postage with a service fee. - Apr 2011

Embassy based APO mail. Mexican postal service is a joke from what other expats have told us. Some used Mailboxes etc, Fed Ex, UPS or DHL. - Apr 2010

APO - Feb 2010

Through the U.S. Embassy and its corresponding shipment center in Brownsville, TX. - Jan 2010

APO comes into Brownsville, TX and is fast. - Mar 2009

Things disapper in the mail because of corruption. You do need to pay your bills online or in person. I have had many packages disappear in the mail. - Nov 2008

We use the pouch quite often. - Oct 2008

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