Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. - Jul 2023

Yep. Through schools and private. - Apr 2021

I was surprised to find that there are not many soccer clubs for younger children. There are a wide variety of other activities available, from swim lessons to Boy/Girl Scouts to art lessons. - May 2020

To my knowledge they are readily available, however our son was enrolled through his school. - Apr 2019

Yes, you can find soccer, gymnastics, Tai Kwon Do, swimming, and horse riding. There are a lot of options. - Apr 2019

Swimming, dance, gymnastics, and karate classes are available. - Jun 2018

Yes--there are lots of opportunities to play almost anything. - May 2017

Yes, various locations in Polanco such as Club Mundet and Cadi Kids and after school programs at schools. - May 2016

There are, but I find it easier to have them do these activities at the school than elsewhere due to traffic. - May 2016

Yes, but I don't know details. - Oct 2014

Yes, my friends' children are active in all sports so I pretty sure they do. - Mar 2014

Yes. - Jul 2013

Yes, plenty for kids. American School Foundation offers many after-school sports programs, as do the other schools. Also, there are programs, such as Karate classes, offered by private companies. - Jan 2013

At school and outside yes, lots. - May 2012

yes, After School activties - Feb 2010

Depends on the school. - Jan 2010

Yes. - Mar 2009

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