Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are facilities available, but I'm not sure of cost. - Jul 2023

Lots, but fairly expensive for the most part. Pools are pretty hard to come by. - Apr 2021

There are a ton of options available here, including many US chains. The Embassy also has its own gym, and there's a wide-variety of fitness-related programs put on by members of the Embassy community. - May 2020

They are readily available, however I am not sure about price. I heard some can be more expensive than others. My husband uses the gym at the embassy and likes it, we also have a gym in our complex. - Apr 2019

There are lots of yoga studios, gyms, and other specialty options (like Jiu Jitsu). They are a bit less than U.S. prices, I think. - Apr 2019

Many are available. The cost depends on the type of gym, but would average around US$60-$100 per month. - Jun 2018

In addition to gyms, Polanco offers a yoga or Pilates studio on almost every block. People take spin classes. People have workout groups in the park. Whatever you want to do, you can find here. - May 2017

There are gyms, and they are expensive. There are crossfit facilities and a wide selection of yoga and pilates studios. Yoga and pilates tend to be cheaper than in the United States. - Sep 2016

A small gym is available in the building, and a couple more in the area. - Jun 2016

In Polanco, you've got lots of gym options. I enjoy Evolution Pilates and 02 Yoga on Alexander Dumas. - May 2016

Very expensive. I found the best value is a boot camp that meets daily at a local park. It includes child care. Otherwise a gym membership without child care is US$100 or more per month. Child care is usually not available or costs extra. - May 2016

There is a gym at the embassy but it's pretty small. Given that we're building a new embassy, I don't see them putting too much into this one. I'd read that gyms were super expensive but my husband was able to get a Groupon deal for a big gym nearby that was pretty reasonable, I think around $60/month. - May 2016

There are many gyms but I hear they are pretty expensive. - Oct 2014

Plenty of gyms available but they're really pricey! - Aug 2014

Pretty expensive. I think all the gyms I looked at were US$100+ per month. Oh, and they open LATE by U.S. standards! 6:30 am or later! - Apr 2014

Yes, every gym in the U.S. is here but I don't know how much since I use the gym in my apartment. For yoga fans, the Indian Cultural Center offers' classes for 100mxp per month. - Mar 2014

Exorbitant. I don't know who can afford to pay for these things. US$2000 non-refundable initiation fees and US$150/month. I was priced out, so I can't offer any suggestions. Eat responsibly and run in the park. - Dec 2013

The embassy has a small but decent gym. Membership costs at the public sports centers or country clubs are prohibitive. - Jul 2013

Yes, Golds Gym and many other local gyms are available. The embassy also has a gym. - Jan 2013

Yes, but they can be expensive. There are many options. - Jan 2013

Many, but some are very expensive (Mundet) and none are cheap. - May 2012

Yes - Apr 2011

There are several workout facilities (Gold's Gym, etc) and a couple of club-style organizations (Mundette). - Apr 2010

of course, everywhere - Feb 2010

Embassy has a passable gym. Private gyms are somewhat expensive. - Jan 2010

Yes, but expensive. - Mar 2009


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