Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Mexico puts on the BEST concerts. Go to as many as you can in CDMX. Camping/rock climbing in Las Ventanas - 2 hrs from CDMX Weekends in Las Estacas Weekend art markets - Jan 2024

There's too much to list, really. - Jul 2023

The book “Mexico City, an opinionated guide for the curious traveler “ is a good place to start. - Apr 2021

The city has a ton of museums, each so fun to explore. The various restaurants are the best way to explore the city, from the Michelin-starred spots to the much more informal taquerias. - May 2020

Although we have not been to these places we always here people rave about San Miguel De Allende, Oaxaca, Huatulco, and many other places. There are also many things to do locally and there is always a festival of some sort, and a street market happening on the weekend. - Apr 2019

There are so many interesting and fun things to do here. You won't lack opportunities. - May 2017

Too many to list. The art scene here is great, so is the music scene. Day of the Dead festivities are not to be missed. There are a number of small mezcal bars with a dizzying selection of artesinal mezcal. There are restaurants without number. Chapultepec Park is huge, bigger than Central Park, and great for wandering. Movie theaters show mostly blockbuster American movies with Spanish subtitles, but even the "VIP" theaters are cheap by American standards. Cineteca Nacional, a government-subsidized venue, shows independent and foreign films. Visiting the art market in San Angel on Saturdays is great fun. Football games are fun. We like to wander around the neighborhoods of La Condesa and La Roma, very hip neighborhoods. Spending time in Coyocan, where the Frieda Kahlo museum is located, is really special. Plaza Garbibaldi, which a little sketchy, can be a good place to get a drink and listen to the wandering mariachis looking for their next gig (but be careful). I like wandering the pedestrian streets in the Centro Historico. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is an experience. - Sep 2016

- View of the city from the Spanish cultural center (behind the main square Zacalo), or visit the bell towers of the main cathedral (40 pesos). - Markets during Dia de los Muertos. - UNAM's ecological park plus MUAC museum. - National Anthropology Museum.

- People watching at Monumento de la Revolucion.

- Bakeries (Pasteleria Buenos Aires and Pasteleria Suiza).

- Check the whole Chapultepec park (lakes, museums, zoo...).

- if you're into Mexican muralism, you'll find the most important pieces here.

- Plaza Santa Catarina at Coyoacan.

- Xochimilco (ask CLO for recommendations so as not to get overcharged).

- Jun 2016

I'm afraid I don't have anything to add here. - May 2016

Templo Mayor, murals at the Palacio Nacional, the Condessa and Roma neighborhoods as well as San Angel and Coyoacan. - May 2016

There are museums everywhere; you can pick a beach to the south, west or north and get there and back for well under $200; there are art fairs and markets every weekend; Teotihuacan is only an hour away ... there's almost too much to do. - May 2016

Desierto De Los Leones (wonderful hiking in the mountains), visit various archeological sites (Mayan pyramids--one of them has a restaurant built into a cave beside it) 1-2 hours away, Acapulco resorts are a 4-5 hour drive, plane trip to Cancun/Riviera Maya area (beaches are amazing), Papalote Children's Museum, Chapultapec Park (bigger than Central Park), Lucha Libre wrestling, visiting food/art markets in colonias like San Angel and Coyoacan. On Sundays they shut down the main drag for miles through the city for biking, jogging, etc. There is plenty to see and do. - Oct 2014

Favorite city by far - San Miguel de Allende. - Aug 2014

There really are too many to name. Driving outside of the city to experience more of the colonial small town feeling was a particular highlight. - Apr 2014

So many too mention. There are plenty of free museums, archaeological sites and the pyramids. - Mar 2014

For Pueblos Magicos, my favorites were the hike up Tepoztlan, the museum at Tepozotlan (don't mix those two up!), the falls at Huasca de Ocampo, the views of Bernal, the hikes through the Sierras, the fabulous churrigeresque churches surrounding Popocatepetl, the Arcos del Sitio in the State of Mexico, absolutely everything in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, and the ruins at Malinalco, Cantona, and Tula. All are day or weekend trips. In the city, riding on a boat in Xochimilco with friends and a bunch of beers/food is a total relaxfest. The Frida/Diego/Trotsky circuit is loads of interesting fun - and don't miss Diego's pyramid museum Anahuacalli. You can take architecture tours of some of the local legends' designs. I loved lucha libre wrestling matches - hilarious stuff. Excellent history/art/anthropology museums, if that's your ticket. Ruins everywhere, though Teotihuacan pyramids are the best/biggest. - Dec 2013

Walk the city! Visit the impressive museums. Admire the colonial architecture of Coyoacan and the centro historico, enjoy the street food, and take advantage of the Auditorio Nacional -- a world-class concert hall. - Jul 2013

Thirty miles outside of Mexico City is the most-visited archeological site "Teotihucan". Also, within the city and near-by area, you will find great places to visit, such as Templo Mayor, Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Chapultepec Park, Calixtlahuaca, Tula, Cantona, Tepanapa, Yohualichán, Cacaxtla and many more. - Jan 2013

Good shopping, lots of movie theaters...etc. Everything you have in Canada/US you can find in Mexico City. - Jan 2013

Too many to list. Mexico encompasses the culture of the equivalent of Southern Europe + Aztec/Mayas + wonderful beaches + mountains/volcanoes to climb. Mexico City had many wonderful museums, architecture, lucha libre, many opportunities for 2-day weekends around the city. - May 2012

The many daily hours of traffic gridlock tend to prevent evening activities for suburban residents. But aside from that, the possibilities are endless. - Apr 2011

Museums and cultural events galore. The expat community is pretty large and active. Most Mexicans are open to foreigners, but you do encounter an obnoxious one now and again. - Apr 2010

Night clubs, beaches, Visiting musems, sight seeing ... - Feb 2010

Walking around historic downtown, Chapultepec Park, Condessa/Parque Mexico, Polanco, San Angel, Coyoacan, pyramids, plus all the travel within 1-4 hours. - Jan 2010

Travel to see the country as there are tons of fun, exciting places to see, and we never ran out of places to visit. Around the city there are lots of parks, museums, historical sites, the pyramids. You can take your dogs walking anywhere, sit in a cafe and have a late lunch with friends, go to sporting events, concerts, you name it. It is a world-class city in many ways. There is also lots of NGO work to be done, and anyone interested in that field can find good groups to work with either as a volunteer or employee. - Mar 2009

Pyramids, castles, world-reknown archeological museum, six flags, diego riveria museum, Frida museum, desert of the lions.......tons of history. - Nov 2008

There is no lack of things to do. You just need to have enough money to do them, as entertainment here is as much or more than what you'd pay in the U.S. - Oct 2008

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