Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Ants can get annoying... - Jul 2023

Nope. - Apr 2021

The mosquitos here can be annoying, especially as we try to keep the windows open as much as possible given the lack of heating/AC in the housing. But nothing too bad or annoying so far... - May 2020

We see ants and spiders often, and most recently we have had issues with scorpions. You can request for the Embassy to come and exterminate, we also occasionally have our gardener to exterminate when he does the yard. - Apr 2019

No. We are high up so even the mosquitoes are slow and heavy and there are very few. - Apr 2019

I haven't noticed any. The altitude alleviates most of those issues. - May 2016

None that I've experienced in the city. - May 2016

We have seen silverfish in the bathroom, but diatomaceous earth keeps them at bay. Mosquitoes in the spring, that's about it. - May 2016

No problem. - Oct 2014

No insect problems. - Aug 2014

None that I saw. I think in 2 years I saw 2 mosquitos. Very dry and at high altitude. - Apr 2014

I did not notice any. - Mar 2014

Again, because of the elevation, few problems. We had some mosquitos as we were close to a big park. - Dec 2013

No, at least in our apartment. Houses have the typical yard fauna, nothing special. - Jul 2013

We had a very mild ant problem and occasional bouts with tiny scorpions, but nothing else. - Jan 2013

There are some mosquitoes, but not many problems with them. - Jan 2013

Altitude is too high to have any bug - perfect. - May 2012

Mosquitoes do exist, but due to the altitude this is not considered Dengue fever country. Scorpions are reported in natural areas and in apartments/ homes near ground level. Some roaches, same as anywhere else in the world. - Apr 2011

Never had much of an issue ourselves, but some houses had scorpion issues. - Apr 2010

None. - Feb 2010

We had issues with ants, and the occassional scorpion, but since Mexico City is elevated and usually dry, bugs are not a big issue. - Jan 2010

Black scorpions are sometimes seen in the dry months, but they are not too common and are not fatal. - Mar 2009

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