Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Surprisingly cold, especially in mornings. Remember the elevation is 7500-8500 ft. - Jan 2024

Generally moderate, with periods of both heat and cold. Rainy season is *very* rainy, with several hours of rain most afternoons. That's our favorite season, though, since the air quality is good and temps are lower. - Jul 2023

Lovely. Dry all year, upper 60s in winter and mid-80s March-May. Cooler in the summer with the rain. - Apr 2021

Mexico City has a wonderful climate, with very moderate temperatures year-round. The most challenging time of year is from March through May, before the rainy season starts. It can be quite hot, and the housing does not have air conditioning. - May 2020

The weather is decent all year around. We have a rain season where it rains mostly at night for a few months at a time. We have some days where its sunny and hot, but cooler at night and then some days whee its a little cooler all day. - Apr 2019

It is always pleasant. The weather during the day is usually in the 70 to 80 range. At night it is usually in the 40s or 50s. It got into the 30s once and the American School closed for the day (it was in the 30s in the middle of the night but still warmed up to 70 during the day). The summer is the rainy season so it rains in the afternoon and cleans the air and the streets. The weather is one of the best things about Mexico City. - Apr 2019

The best climate that I've ever experienced! I love the weather here. It's typically in the 70s during the day, all year long. The rainy season is no joke, but it typically only rains in the afternoon or evening but can cause some major flooding. It does get chilly at nights or early am in the winter, but it typically is only for about a month at most. - Jun 2018

Overall, the climate is great. There is a rainy season during the summer, but it is never oppressively hot or cold here. - May 2017

The weather is extremely temperate in Mexico City, and it gets surprisingly chilly at night in the winter (we slept on flannel sheets for a few months). Housing does not have airconditioning or heating. Overall the temperatures range from low 60's to low 80's Fahrenheit year round, with some hotter times in the spring, and colder times in winter. The rain starts in May and ends in October, but it rarely lasts all day, usually it rains for a few hours in the late afternoon/evening (just in time to snarl traffic for the evening commute). - Sep 2016

Rain season (April - October), aka summer: mostly warm (rarely hot), with expected showers almost every day in afternoon and evening.

Dry season (November - March), aka winter: mostly dryer (almost no rain) and colder. Temperatures range between 5 and 30 Celsius. - Jun 2016

Drier January - May, then rainy June - December. I have been sicker here during the dry season than I have ever been in my life. I feel guilty most of the time for subjecting my children to the pollution. - May 2016

Beautiful, perfect, weather almost every day. 70s Fahrenheit usually with blue skies. There is a rainy season but rains are usually in the afternoon and evening. - May 2016

The climate is very nice, except that in the spring - February to May or so maybe? - it's a little hot. It isn't that hot outside but our apartment doesn't have air conditioning so it gets pretty toasty inside. We arrived during rainy season and the afternoon rain really makes a huge difference. Winter is wonderful. - May 2016

Perfect almost year-round. Most of the year it stays in the low to mid 70's F. Rainy season is July-September but it's not like it rains all day. There's usually a big rain for about an hour or so in the late afternoon, sometimes in the evening and night, but mornings are usually dry and partly sunny. The weather in DF is one of my favorite things about the place. - Oct 2014

Perfect spring & autums; rainy during the summer and cool (not cold) during the winter. - Aug 2014

75-80F and sunny, year round. In summer (rainy season) it is usually sunny in the morning and clouds blow over to give a big rainstorm for an hour in the afternoon. Then, back to clear. It's actually a nice time of year because the air is so clean! March-June can get pretty warm (I guess more like 85F) but it is a dry heat and never felt bad. - Apr 2014

It is sort of forever springtime with some rains in July until December. - Mar 2014

Aside from the pollution, the climate is perfect. For Fahrenheit-minded folks, the temps rarely dip below 50 at night and rarely reach above 80. Most days are in the 70s and nights in the 60s. Jackets are fine. I never once wore a coat and can remember only one day when I regretted that. Even when it's rainy, it's still dry. Because of the elevation, there is never any humidity. You don't really sweat. It's incredibly strange if you are coming from a humid environment, but very welcome all the same. Loved the weather. - Dec 2013

Summers are mild with sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. Winters are moderately cold and sunny. - Jul 2013

We love the weather here. It's mild and dry. The rain season is during the summer, from late May to late September. The humidifiers run 24/7 in our household, and I still want to scratch all the time due to dryness. - Jan 2013

20-30c year 'round. In the winter months it cools down in the evening and morning, and occasionally will be as low as 0c in the morning, but almost everyday warms up in the later morning through the afternoon. - Jan 2013

Wonderful. Mostly in the high 70s. The winters are chilly in the morning, but by 2pm, it's above 60. Raining sometimes, but not the standard pattern that they tell you in guidebooks (rainy season is supposed to be June to October, we barely saw rain in 2010). One day in March 2012 we were in tee-shirts all day and it hailed so strongly around 5pm that we had enough hail to make a snowman. Fun! - May 2012

Can get below 10C/ 40F up in the hilly suburbs in January. Can get up to 35C/ 95F in March on the valley floor. Monsoonal almost-daily thunderstorms May-September; rest of year almost no rain. - Apr 2011

The climate is temperate throughout the year. Mexicans are very sensitive to cold weather, and it is not unusual to see them bundled up in winter gear on a cool Spring morning. - Apr 2010

Cold but sunny and nice from Nov-Mar, then rainny and cold again the rest of the year, sometimes you we get very nice sunny shiny days during the rainny seaon. - Feb 2010

Very predictable, and generally great. Rainy and mild temperature from May/June to Sept/Oct, but it usually just rained heavily from about 6-10pm each night which was convenient for going around town, but sometimes affected traffic. The rest of the year is very dry, cool but not freezing in the winter, then peaking in April/May before the rains start again. - Jan 2010

Wonderful weather. Mostly cool, sometime cold in December/January or hot in April/May, but rains keep it cool during June, July, August. - Mar 2009

Rainy season is as early as April to as late as October. It can be depressing at times. It is terribly cold in the mornings and late evenings, but the weather is usually sunny/warm from 10 a.m. to about 3:30 in the afternoon. You do get about 3 seaons in one day without warning sometimes. - Nov 2008

This is the best weather we've every experienced! We are a warm-weather family, so snow does not appeal to us. We have a rainy and dry season here, approx 6 months for each. The weather is dry (not humid), pleasant, and fair most of the time. Even in the rainy season, it's rare to have a full day of rain. It will be sunny in the AM, then could up about 2PM, then rain from 4PM until 9PM, then clear up again. It really is perfect weather. Never above 90F, and never below 50F. - Oct 2008

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