Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

ART is mind blowing here. - Jan 2024

Sure- plenty of nice things to buy in Oaxaca in particular. - Jul 2023

Lots, depending on the region. Millions of markets. - Apr 2021

Yes. Definitely yes. The amount of stunning folk art here is overwhelming, from the black pottery and rugs in Oaxaca to the talavera from Puebla to the art to the embroidery...the list goes on and on. - May 2020

A ton of handcrafts, artwork, antiques and other items. You can also find many stores in malls that you would find in the US. - Apr 2019

Yes, check out all of the local markets (San Angel, Ciudadela, etc.). - Apr 2019

There are many opportunities to shop here and many wonderful Mexican products to buy. - May 2017

Yes! When we have visitors we usually take them to Ciudadela, a handicrafts market in the center of Mexico City with items from all throughout the country. Every place you go in Mexico will have a special sort of craft. As I mentioned before, the art market in San Angel is an excellent place to buy art, and makes for fun browsing. - Sep 2016

Oh, yes! Check Plaza Sullivan, Coyoacan (a small park in front of the market), the flea market at Parque Pushkin, Teotihuacan shops, Tianguis el Chopo (for music - vinyls, CDs, clothing, badges)... - Jun 2016

All kinds of handicrafts (most of which are not to my taste) and gourmet dinners out. - May 2016

Beautiful art: ceramics, textiles, paintings...and amazing travel opportunities. - May 2016

Pottery, tin work, art. - May 2016

Pottery, art, textiles, sculpture, etc. etc. etc. - Apr 2014

Plenty, e.g., Oaxacan rugs. - Mar 2014

Limitless. Mexican handicrafts make for some of the coolest (and tackiest) gifts/ornaments/decoration you can find. There are lots of Christmas things, as well as paraphernalia related to lucha libre (wrestlers), ceramics, silver, pottery, stick figures called alebrijes, ornate boxes, masks, crosses, tiles, and all sorts of knick-knacks you can bring home with you as gifts. - Dec 2013

Everything! Carpets, pottery, etc. - Jul 2013

Pottery, carpets, furniture. - Jan 2013

hand-made wooden furniture, local tequilas/mezcals, lucha masks, and so on - Jan 2013

Pineda Covalin (Mexican designer) silk items - better than Hermes for originality. Local artisans' products. Furniture. Pottery. Too many to list. - May 2012

Kidnap ransoms, donations to underpaid cops and ambulance crews, and an amazing variety of handmade local artwork. - Apr 2011

Silver, tequila - the good stuff not Cuervo!, jewelry, handcrafts, native items. - Apr 2010

They have a lot of nice hand crafts. - Feb 2010

Great local crafts - too numerous to describe. - Jan 2010

Tons of beautiful crafts from all different regions that you visit! - Mar 2009

Museums, history, cultural, shows, plays, beach resorts, unique arts & crafts. - Nov 2008

Any sort of art, artifact, crafty item, tequila or silver. - Oct 2008

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