Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Honestly, no. I had thought we would, but this is an expensive city. - May 2016

I think so. - May 2016

Yes. - May 2016

Yes, but you will want to spend it on weekend getaways all over Mexico and eating out at all the great restaurants. - Oct 2014

Kinda? You have to be thoughtful, same as in the U.S. - Apr 2014

Yes as long as you will not shop along Presidente Mazaryk. - Mar 2014

Absolutely. I traveled every weekend and still managed to accumulate enough savings for a down payment on a house - no joke. The trick: cook your own food. If you eat out, you'll be spending US$30 a meal. It's pricey at nice places. And if you like clubbing, plan on dropping US$100-$150 in an evening, each. - Dec 2013

Maybe. - Jul 2013

Yes, most definitely. - Jan 2013

Yes. - Jan 2013

Yes - if you don't travel extensively in nice hotels and don't eat in top restaurants often. - May 2012

Yes - Apr 2011

Depends on you - travel takes $$ but it is worth it. - Apr 2010

yes - Feb 2010

I suppose, but the twin temptations of local crafts and travel did us in. - Jan 2010

Sort of, but if you want to travel probably not. - Mar 2009

It depends! You could, but there is so much to see and do. - Nov 2008

Somewhat. The cost of living is higher than the COLA given by the government. But if you eat at home and restrict travel, you can save. Everything that is kid-related we find to be more expensive than in the U.S. - Oct 2008

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