Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Appetite! There is SO MUCH good food here! - May 2020

Hat and sunscreen (at altitude, the sun is intense). - Apr 2019

Patience! - Jun 2018

Flannel sheets, jackets for a variety of temperatures, good umbrella, rain boots, Spanish dictionary, good walking shoes. Despite the poor sidewalks, this is a good walking city. - Sep 2016

- heaters (we had a small radiator in the flat, which wasn't enough - the majority of places do not have air conditioning or central heating)

- air purifier

- Spanish

- Jun 2016

Sense of humor, flexibility, and willingness to speak Spanish. - May 2016

Ultralight down jacket, slippers, and electric fans. There is no heating or air-conditioning here, which is great, but it can get a little chilly at night in the winter and a little hot in the summer. - May 2016

Umbrella and wellies. And fans. - May 2016

Patience/vigilance when driving, appetite. - Oct 2014

6-inch heels (if you're a woman). - Apr 2014

Sense of adventure and willingness to learn a new language. - Mar 2014

good manners. Mexicans always say "hello" and "goodbye" when entering/leaving work, meeting on the street, etc. Don't be rude and pass by someone you know without a salutation. - Jul 2013

Cipro (for when the Mexican food/water does a number on you). - Jan 2013

Patience in traffic and aggressive driving skills! - May 2012

Patience--both for traffic and for Byzantine bureaucracy. - Apr 2011

Vonage Equipment! Comfortable walking shoes and "creature-comforts" pet treats are better and cheaper in the States. Baby items are better from the US. Toddler items are better in Mexico - go figure. - Apr 2010

running shoes. - Feb 2010

Patience and your travel bug. - Jan 2010

Driving patience and tastebuds. - Mar 2009

Sense of self. Know your limits. Bring a winter jacket. It does get cold. Most visitors think they don"t need a winter jacket. - Nov 2008

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