Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

I think you can get just about everything. - Apr 2021

Valuables. As noted, this is a critical crime post, and muggings are a real possibility. - May 2020

Winter clothing. - Apr 2019

Winter gear! - Apr 2019

Expectation to go anywhere quickly. - Jun 2018

Bubble bath: hardly any of the apartments have bathtubs. - May 2017

Snow boots and heavy winter coats. - Sep 2016

Expectations regarding comfortable housing. - May 2016

Camping gear. - May 2016

Ideas about Mexico's weather and food. Mexico City is temperate and moderate in temperature, and if the only Mexican food you've had was in the U.S., it won't be what you think. - May 2016

Winter coats, huge SUV, expectations that you will feel unsafe all the time. - Oct 2014

Winter clothes unless you want to blend in with the locals and wear a puffy coat when it's 50F outside. - Aug 2014

Winter gear (unless, like many here, you wear your down coat and wool hat when it is 50F degrees). - Apr 2014

Your parka and the perception that Mexico City is very dangerous. - Mar 2014

idea of living in an unsophisticated city. - Jul 2013

everything, its all available here. - Jan 2013

Food - you can get anything here. - May 2012

Stamps and coins. If you put all your coins in one bag when moving out, the packers will refuse to pack it because of a law on the books saying one cannot take "coin collections" out of Mexico. But if you scatter those coins thru the pockets of your clothing, you are okay. Likewise for stamps. If they are all together in a collection, it is illegal to pack them up and take them out of the country--even if nothing has been added since you brought them into the country. But intersperse the albums among your photos/ records/ books and you are okay. Safer not to have brought them into the country in the first place. - Apr 2011

shorts (unless you are in a gym) and your heavy winter clothes. - Apr 2010

Shorts. - Feb 2010

Winter gear and civility while driving. - Jan 2010

Shorts and dependence on street signs. - Mar 2009

Motorcycle, some jewelry, any pre-conceived expectations. You really need an open mind, and not have any expectations. - Nov 2008

Bicycles, unless you live in Roma. - Oct 2008

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