Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Dinners and traveling together. - Jan 2024

You can find pretty much everything here you would in a large U.S. city. - Jul 2023

The Community Liaison Office (CLO) is the best here I’ve ever seen. There are a number of women’s clubs as well. There’s always tons to do. - Apr 2021

There are a ton of opportunities to socialize outside of the community, including various alumni clubs, volunteer work, etc. - May 2020

Lots of book clubs, international groups, school events, and local events. This is a huge city with tons of concerts, shows, festivals, running races, and opportunities to explore. It has something for everyone. - Apr 2019

There are many Meetup groups for expats or people interested in certain topics, which is a good way to meet people. The U.S. Embassy is huge and compared to other posts, has less of a tight-knit community, but I think that's because it's less necessary here in a city with so much to offer. - Sep 2016

There are a couple of "let's learn Spanish" groups on MeetUp. Zona Rosa, Roma, and Condesa have a lot of places to socialize (bars, restaurants, night clubs, karaoke, galleries, etc.). - Jun 2016

Go out, have people over, lots to do. - May 2016

Listen to music, enjoy an outdoor cafe or restaurant, ride your bike on Reforma when its closed to car traffic on Sundays, travel outside of the city. - May 2016

Restaurants, bars, museums, hiking, shopping, dance clubs, house parties, everything. - May 2016

Lots of bars, restaurants, group-trips to take, marine parties, barbecues. The embassy community is huge and not centralized, so you may have to reach out to find your people, but as long as you try, your social life will thrive. - Oct 2014

Bars/clubs, concerts and theaters. - Mar 2014

Restaurants. Bars. Clubs. Performances. Musical concerts. It's a big city and not sleepy. - Dec 2013

Restaurants, movies, parties, etc. - Jul 2013

You will not find a dull moment in Mexico City. - Jan 2013

Great. - May 2012

Museums are especially good. But really, there is some of pretty much everything in a city that big. - Apr 2011

Mexicans are very family oriented and love big family events. Count yourself lucky to be included. Otherwise, dining out with a group of friends or pub crawls are the way to go. - Apr 2010

Very good. - Feb 2010

Always something going on. - Jan 2010

Million things to do no matter what you are looking for. - Mar 2009

Newcomers, American Society, American Benevolent Society, lot of other cultural organizations from just about every place in the world. - Nov 2008

There always seems to be something to do. We tend to be so busy with our children that they take priority. The main problem with Mexico is getting around. You have to really plan for traffic when you go anywhere, and this can impact your social engagements. - Oct 2008

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