Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Most people work at the embassy or remotely. Local salaries are generally much lower than in U.S. - Jul 2023

Most folks work remotely or at the embassy. - Apr 2021

I am not very familiar with this topic, but I know there are many spouses who work remotely for their offices back in the States. The proximity to the States and the lack of a significant time difference make this work possible. - May 2020

There are lot of opportunities within the Embassy. You can also request approval to work on the local economy, to have a home- based business, etc.) - Apr 2019

There are a lot of jobs in the embassy. There is not a bilateral work agreement. - Apr 2019

Low salary scales are terrible, unless you are employed by a big company and paid in USD. The local salary range is so bad it's almost seems as though it's better not to work. - Jun 2018

Some spouses teach at the international schools, but most seem to get jobs at the U.S. Embassy. To work on the local economy you'd have to have fluent Spanish, and I believe the salaries would be low. A few spouses I know telecommute, a good option here because the internet is reliable and fast. - Sep 2016

If you're an US citizen, the embassy has some positions. There is a high demand for native English teachers. I was pet-sitting in the neighborhood. Check websites: and - Jun 2016

No. There are some jobs at the embassy, but I would't call them decent. I think the best bet is to telework or start your own business. The salaries for local hires here are VERY LOW. Try to get hired internationally prior to arriving. - May 2016

Depends on your skills. There are schools and universities for teachers, I do not know what else is available. - May 2016

Yes, but you have to have a work visa or many companies/businesses won't hire you. Or you can work for yourself! - Apr 2014

I am not sure but I know some schools are looking for English teachers. - Mar 2014

No. There are 22 million people in this town and everyone's looking for work, and willing to earn less than you. - Dec 2013

Yep. All the big companies are here. Salaries could be an issue, although it depends on the job. In general, it's better to be hired as an expat than a local. There are some embassy jobs for those with Spanish. - Jul 2013

Eligible Family Members can work for the embassy. - Jan 2013

Yes, at local wages (low) and with a good level of Spanish. At the Embassy, wages are slightly higher, but many jobs have high expectations in Spanish (4/4 often required for good jobs), a few are available with no language requirements. - May 2012

There is a job office in the embassy (called SNAP). But unless you want to teach English to bored executives, don't bother. Use the American Chamber for leads, or work via the Internet as a freelancer. - Apr 2010

Yes, if you speak Spanish and English. - Feb 2010

Spanish is generally critical, or you need to look at teaching english or working for the American school, etc. - Jan 2010

Yes, I worked on the local economy and there are just a few steps to go through to get your work visa, but it was fairly easy for me with the help of the SNAP coordinator at the Embassy. - Mar 2009

Most foreigners are not allowed to work outside their home country. However.......there are volunteer opportunities on every corner. - Nov 2008

Yes, and if you're connected to the Embassy there is a person dedicated to helping you get your required Mexican paperwork in order. Pay won't be great, but work is comparable to the U.S. - Oct 2008

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