Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Giant! Biggest I’ve ever experienced. - Jan 2024

Large, diffuse expat community. Morale is tough to pin down because this isn't a typical cohesive embassy community. The Community Liaison Office (CLO) is excellent here, and everyone develops their own groups of friends. - Jul 2023

Big and mixed. Covid is a bit of a challenge everywhere, though. So may not be the best representation... - Apr 2021

It's Mexico, so it's not surprising that the expat community here is large. Morale seems high. - May 2020

The expat community seems to be large here. As far as morale, people form their cliques and that is who they spend their time with during their time as post (which is not necessarily a bad thing). I feel like the community could be more close knit but being as though there are so many opportunities for extracurricular activities and travel here, you really can do your own thing. The CLO does a good job of having events to try and bring people together. - Apr 2019

Huge. I would say morale is high. The embassy isn't that close because it is so big. People tend to find their crowd and stick with it. There is so much to see and do and so many expats here that you don't have to rely on the embassy for anything. - Apr 2019

The expat community is very large and morale is high. The embassy is so big and spread out that there is essentially zero embassy "community" feel. We have not felt this to be a very friendly family place within our work community. - Jun 2018

Morale is high. There is a lot to do here and a lot of people to meet. It may take a while, especially since I would not describe the expat community as particularly close-knit, but I haven't met anyone who hasn't found some kind of outlet for their interests here. - May 2017

Very large, overall very good. This is a great city with a lot going on. - Sep 2016

Big, just like the embassy. Musset has a pool that can be used for parties. There are many things to do. The CLO staff have many interesting activities and are very helpful. - Jun 2016

Huge. Join Mexico City Moms and the CLO Facebook page. Also the Newcomers group seems to have a lot of fun. Morale varies: this is a doozy of a city. We have lots of great new friends who have made this awful transition easier. - May 2016

Large community. Not particularly tight. Most people seem to love it here and want to stay as long as possible. Its hard to break in to the Mexican social scene, especially when expatriates are everywhere. - May 2016

Huge, but I don't know how close it is because it's also a huge city, and it's so easy that the expatriate community doesn't really need to rally together. - May 2016

Huge and pretty good I would say. I have heard that morale can be lower for people with a long commute to work. - Oct 2014

Huge. And those I knew were happy, happy, happy. - Apr 2014

Huge and upbeat. - Mar 2014

Huge. What you make of it. You can ignore everyone if you like and no one will notice. Seriously. You can be gone every weekend, or at home, or living the life of a star - and you can incorporate everyone you know or no one at all. Totally will be your decision. It's nice to have the option to escape and to also sometimes be included, frankly. This is not a place where you rely heavily on your coworkers for entertainment, unless you want that (and they do too). - Dec 2013

Huge and growing. - Jul 2013

There is a good-sized expat community in Mexico City. - Jan 2013

Large, though pretty spread out. If you search out events, you can find them easily. - Jan 2013

1 million or more! - May 2012

Huge. - Apr 2011

Large and very involved. - Apr 2010

Big. - Feb 2010

Huge, but not always obvious. Mexico City is definitely a "Mexican" city. - Jan 2010

Large. - Mar 2009

My first assignment--the expat size has larger. My second assignment--a lot of "first time expats" with different issues than a more seasoned expat. - Nov 2008

Very large. Most expats we've met, both American and non-American, are wonderful. - Oct 2008

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