Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

There are Protestant and Catholic options, not sure of anything beyond that. - Jul 2023

There are a variety available. - May 2020

They are definitely available, however I am not sure details. - Apr 2019

There are many different options. - Apr 2019

I believe there is an English language Catholic service, a Baptist church, an Evangelical church, and a LDS church. I'm not sure of other religions. - Jun 2018

There is a Roman Catholic church that offers an English-language mass on Sundays. I'm assuming the LDS Temple has services in English, and I'd imagine there are other denominations with English services as well but I can't speak from personal experience. - Sep 2016

Some are. - May 2016

Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, etc; we love Union Evangelical Church (non-denominational Christian). - Oct 2014

All of them. - Aug 2014

They have several here. One popular church with expats is Capitol Ciry Church near the American School. - Mar 2014

Many, all denominations are here. - Jul 2013

You do need to be able to communicate in the local language if you want to do some real shopping. The cashiers and store keepers do not speak English, except in the heavy tourist areas. For daily living, you need the local language to get around. - Jan 2013

Yes. - May 2012

Yes - Apr 2011

Mostly Catholic, but a couple of Protestant and Jewish services. Not too much in terms of mosques and temples, you really have to look. - Apr 2010

No, all in Spanish. - Feb 2010

Yes, but no specific experience. - Jan 2010

Yes, Catholic. - Mar 2009

Yes, Catholic, Christian, Hindu. - Nov 2008

Yes. Just keep looking and don't rely on the times printed in the English-language newspaper (The News) or the Newcomers Guide. Be flexible, because things change weekly in Mexico. - Oct 2008

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