Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Ubers are the safest option. Some commute by bus and have no issues. Some women encounter harassment on public transport. - Jul 2023

Uber yes, and some taxied from official stands. Busses can be fine but crowded depending on the time of day. - Apr 2021

They are, but we are not permitted to take street taxis. The Embassy permits us to take radio (sitio) taxis, but many people use Uber (which is very cheap). The buses and metros are also great, particularly as they have women/children-only sections. People also love using the various bike and scooter shares, particularly given the traffic. - May 2020

There is a train system, but I have never used it. We are only allowed to take I believe one brand of Taxi and Bus. Uber seems to be a highly popular mode of transportation among expatriates and locals. - Apr 2019

Yes. There is an extensive (but crowded) metro system. Uber is everywhere. Buses are safe downtown. It is all very affordable. - Apr 2019

Never take a taxi off the street! The bus and the metro are okay, but people have been pickpocketed. I mostly walk or use Uber. Uber is extremely inexpensive here. - May 2017

Affordable--absolutely. Safe? Well, that depends. Buses within Mexico City seem to be ok, depending on where you're going. The Metro system is extensive, but best avoided at rush hour (we use it on the weekends quite a bit, however) as the crushes of people are just incredible and unnerving. Taxis should not be hailed on the street, but taxis from "sitios", or taxi stands, are considered safe and they are not expensive. Uber is here and is wildly popular. I use Uber more than taxis, as it's even cheaper and frankly more convenient. - Sep 2016

Metro is cool, cheap (5 pesos per ride), and fast. Just try to be avoid using it during rush hours. (Check out a metro article in CLO's Aztec calendar which I wrote). Unlike the metro, local buses (except for the metro bus) sometimes don't have a clearly visible route that you can track, so you need to experiment a bit. Now they charge 5.50 pesos, and there's one from Sevilla metro (near the embassy) to Polanco (Ejercito Nacional) which takes about 20 minutes. Watch out for pickpockets when using any public transportation, and be street smart. - Jun 2016

I always use Uber rather than taxis and love the service. Have not taken public transport but know several people who've been robbed on it. Very uncomfortable for women, in particular. - May 2016

Yes. Uber is a great option as is the bus system and metro. - May 2016

U.S. employees are directed to use taxi stands, and we are also allowed to use trains and buses. Uber is inexpensive and secure. - May 2016

Only use Sitio taxis and don't ever hail one off the street. They are pretty affordable. Buses are cheap and safe and I have heard good things about the metro here but have never needed to use it. - Oct 2014

I haven't taken the metro or bus - the thought of being packed like a sardine with these people makes me ill. Taxis are affordable and relatively safe (as long as you don't look out the window or expect them to follow any form of "traffic" rule). RSO makes us take only 'sitio' cabs - those you have to get a stand or call to have them pick you up. - Aug 2014

See comment above re: taxis. Trains are 40 cents per use. Buses, 30 cents. I used both. - Apr 2014

We can only take pre-approved taxis and they are very cheap. The metro is always packed and it take guts to ride. The buses are also ok. - Mar 2014

U.S. embassy folks don't hail taxis on the street. We use "Sitio" taxis, which are labelled and can be called. They are generally more expensive, but we're talking about a couple dollars to ensure you're not getting express kidnapped. So we used them and felt safe. Trains, no. Unless you mean the Tequila Train near Tequila, Jalisco - a must-do! Buses, sure - there are even luxury buses you can take where the seats recline, TVs, etc. Several bus station options. But frankly, I'd rather fly or drive myself, so we only did the bus option once and that was enough. - Dec 2013

Green buses are ok and safe. Taxis too (but only the "sitio" taxis -- don't use the rest). For national travel that requires flying, use Interjet. - Jul 2013

Buses are frequent, and there are good taxi services. Very affordable! - Jan 2013

Taxis are cheap and safe, though you should use a Sitio or Elite cab when available. The subway costs 25 cents and is ok, but very packed with people. - Jan 2013

Buses are 4 to 5 pesos (divide by 12 for US$), Polanco to the US Embassy is about 60-70 pesos on a safe 'sitio' taxi. Non-sitios (forbidden by the US Embassy) are half this price. - May 2012

Bus services seem safe enough and affordable. Independent taxis are considered a kidnap risk. Taxi-stand taxis may cost more, but are usually affordable and reliable. The subway system is excellent and affordable, but does not serve the nicer suburbs. During rush hour the subway is overcrowded; and at all times, CD-sellers walk around with deafening boom-boxes that make it impossible to hear one's own mp3 player. - Apr 2011

Use only registered taxis to avoid drama in your life. - Apr 2010

Buses are safe, taxes are not unless you call the taxi companies. Then they will send a tai to pick you up, and don't forget to ask about the taxi number when you call, to be sure is the rigth taxi. - Feb 2010

Affordable, yes. Never used the subway but heard it was ok. U.S. Embassy has new policy of prohibiting employees from using "libre" taxis which you pick up on street. Need to use "sitio" or raido taxis, which are a little more expensive, but it's not worth the risk. - Jan 2010

We only took taxis that you call by phone rather than hailing cabs on the street. - Mar 2009

It depends who you are. A woman on the public transportation with get harassed or groped. - Nov 2008

You must take a taxi that you get from a taxi stand. Hailing a libre taxi is not safe, and we know more than a handful of people that have been taxi-jacked from taking a libre taxi. The Embassy also recommends against the public metro and buses. Haven't taken them personally. - Oct 2008

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