Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Credit cards are generally safe to use. ATMs are common and generally safe to use (with caution of course, and awareness of surroundings/neighborhood)- but I would caution against using the deposit feature. We lost $500 when a trusted ATM ate the cash we were trying to transfer to someone, and the bank refused to do anything about it. - Jul 2023

Yep to both in my experience, with the caveat that RSO suggests caution. - Apr 2021

Credit cards are typically safe to use as long as they bring the terminal to your table. ATMs are reliable, but Mexico City is a critical crime post, and we at times here reports of people getting robbed immediately after leaving an ATM. - May 2020

Yes credit cards are accepted just about everywhere, and ATMs are all over. We generally use the ATM in the embassy unless we really need cash, and in that case we use the ATM inside of a bank branch. - Apr 2019

Yes. We use credit cards and ATMs. - Apr 2019

Credit cards are widely accepted and typically are safe to use. ATMs are widely available as well, though I'd only recommend using them in secured areas. - Jun 2018

Hmmmn. I use credit cards everywhere, but I'm going to start being more careful. At the restaurants around the Embassy, there have been reports of credit card skimming. - May 2017

We use a credit card for the supermarket and restaurants. We always have cash on hand for taquerias, fresh markets, etc. We do use ATMs, and tend to stick with Banamex (which has a partnership with Citi Bank). Just be careful, just like anywhere. - Sep 2016

I've had no issues, use the ATM at the Embassy and on Masaryk in Polanco. - May 2016

Be careful and always count your money at the machine. Make sure that no one follows you into the ATM. Be sure to use the machines at the bank not the convenience store. American Express is usually accepted and Visa and Mastercard alwats are. Have the merchant or waiter swipe the card in front of you using the hand-held reader. - May 2016

There is an ATM at the Embassy. There are banks everywhere. Check your bank and see if it has a partner in Mexico to avoid transaction fees. Otherwise, the only advice is be aware. We've had no issues. Most brick and mortar places take credit cards, but check first (some restaurants do not). The only time we've consistently had trouble using our credit cards is with online purchases, like paying for our internet. - May 2016

We try to get cash from the Embassy bank but I always use my credit card at the grocery store and Costco and occasionally at restaurants (they usually bring the swiper table-side). It's generally understood that it's best to get cash at the Embassy, though. - Oct 2014

We definitely used cash a lot more here. There were many ATMs in our neighborhood but I was cautious when using them. Because we didn't have a Mexican bank account, we had to pay utilities and school in cash. - Apr 2014

There are problems here also so I don't use my credit card except in the big box stores. - Mar 2014

ATM's: If you have a Bank of America account, you can withdraw from any Santander without penalty. Credit Cards: We used Capital One Venture because there is no foreign transaction fee and you earn crazy points. - Dec 2013

Be careful of your surroundings, but cards are widely accepted. - Jul 2013

We use effectivo (cash) for almost everything. Large supermarkets and businesses take credit cards. ATMs are available on every street corner. - Jan 2013

ATMs are everywhere, just be careful as card cloning is rampant here. - Jan 2013

No problems at all. Very easy. There are 24/7 stores everywhere called Oxxo that have do ATMs as well. - May 2012

Credit cards are widely accepted by hotels, major grocery stores/ shopping centers, and the airport taxi companies. As for cash, a Banamex bank branch in the embassy basement reduces the risk of ATM muggings for embassy personnel. - Apr 2011

It is easy to open a local account at the embassy. Banamex is owned by Citibank. Use standard ATM common sense precautions. - Apr 2010

Be careful. - Feb 2010

I had no problem, but be careful using one alone at night without people around. - Jan 2010

Never get money out of an ATM as there are instances of kidnappings related to this. But using credit cards around town is fine. - Mar 2009

Keep ATM transactions to a minimum. Thieves are rampant and unfortunately so is the distribution of counterfeit money. - Nov 2008

Don't do it. You'll have your number stolen and regret it. Use cash. - Oct 2008

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