Mexico City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Yes. - Jul 2023

I think there’s probably something here for everyone. - Apr 2021

It's a massive city, so it appears to have a little something for everyone. We have had so much fun exploring it with our children as there is a ton to do and see, but I also find myself thinking this would have been a really fun post as a single person or couple without children given the restaurant scene. - May 2020

ALL people. - Apr 2019

All. - Apr 2019

Yes, it's a great city for singles, couples, and families. - Jun 2018

This is a great city for singles, couples, and families with young children. It can be a great fit for families with teens and tweens--and sometimes it's a disaster. - May 2017

It's good for everyone, with the caveat about the potentially poor air quality and small children. - Sep 2016

Singles and couples, absolutely. Lots to do, great restaurants and nightlife. Families - absolutely not, and I am kicking myself for not figuring that out before we bid it. - May 2016

I think this would be a great post for singles and couples. It is not the ideal place for families. The pollution, dangerous driving, feeling like you're taking your life in your hands trying to cross the street, shoving car seats into a taxi when your car can't circulate, battling the intense traffic, all these things start to wear on you after a while. - May 2016

It's good for everyone. - May 2016

Yes for ALL. Lots of singles/couples here and I have to say, living in Polanco, I am jealous of them because they can fully take advantage of the amazing restaurants, bars, and cafes in Polanquito, etc. sans children. There's a ton to do with kids (parks, trips, beaches, museums), and with the fantastic weather, you can spend lots of time outdoors. This may be random, but with small children, I have really appreciated how clean commercial facilities are kept. I have never seen cleaner fast-food restaurants and public bathrooms in my life. High chairs for kids in restaurants are always spotless! There is currently a thriving weekly embassy playgroup in Polanco on Tuesday mornings for stay-at-home parents with small children. - Oct 2014

It seems to be good for everyone. - Aug 2014

I think: Yes. We were a family with two young kids and LOVED it. I knew lots of singles or couples without kids who also loved it. Tons to do for kids, tons to do as nightlife, tons to do on all accounts. - Apr 2014

I think so. - Mar 2014

All of the above! What is there to say: you will make of this experience what you want. If you like eating fancy, it's for you. If you like eating cheap, it's for you. If you like staying at home, then maybe you should consider Africa as they get mansions and we don't, but if you want to stay home every night, well the housing is pretty decent too. Lots of tourism (see above), lots of entertainment, easy to meet people, and Mexicans are very friendly. You'll get lots of phone numbers if you go out late, though you'll never hear from anyone and your plans will probably fall through (or you will get texts every five minutes - the culture is a bit funny that way). - Dec 2013

It's a good city for all. For singles because of its unbeatable offer of restaurants, fancy movie theaters, cultural offerings... And for families, you can't beat the parks (especially Chapultepec) and the friendly Mexican culture towards children and families. - Jul 2013

Yes, you can find all kinds activities for both adults and kids: sports, arts, music, etc. - Jan 2013

Good for all, though I think the single scene is a bit tougher if you don't speak Spanish. Families and couples enjoy it. - Jan 2013

It is a great city for all. - May 2012

Yes - Apr 2011

Singles and couples will do okay as long as they are adventurous. Families will find some difficulties unless they get into a social group. - Apr 2010

Of Course. - Feb 2010

I would say all of the above. The attitude of Mexicans in general seems pretty pro-family. Good variety of kids activities (petting room at +KOTA pet stores, petting farm near Santa Fe, Lincoln Park in Polanco, play areas in malls and fast food places). - Jan 2010

For all of the above. - Mar 2009

I can only speak for families & couples, but I believe Mexico City is very family friendly. You do need to keep a low profile and not be too showy. There are tons of things to do for families like Six Flags, pyramids, castles, etc. - Nov 2008

Families - yes. If you are looking for activities for your children similar to what you'd find in the U.S. (soccer, dance, swim, etc), then you've come to the right place. Be patient when looking - there doesn't seem to be a central depository for information (including the Newcomers Club, which told me outright they couldn't help me). However, there are great programs if you're patient and persistent. Singles - I'm sure you'll find something to do here. I work with many singles that are quite happy with the nightlife. Couples - ditto. There is so much to do that you could spend every weekend making short trips and not see everything. - Oct 2008

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