Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

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Have been truly enjoying this post! - Aug 2015

This is a very manageable place to live. Most expats try to stay as long as they can, especially if they have kids. If you're more of a hardship post kind of person, this isn't it at all. - Apr 2012

I would only recommend that you come to live here if you have a good expat package or make enough enough to live in a nice condo and don't have to worry about taking cabs. I would also reconsider if you don't have kids. This is the most family-centric place I have ever been to. - Mar 2010

I wish I were able to be more positive about the place. Lots of people say they love it. If I were interested in shopping and indifferent to the climate, I might agree with them. - Dec 2008

Honestly, I find Singapore pretty stifling. Perhaps that's simply because what I am looking for in a city is not what Singapore has to offer. That said, a major plus to living here is it's proximity to the cities and countries that DO have a lot to entertain and enchant! - Jun 2008

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