Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No. - Mar 2022

There are absolutely none. If you think about it this is a pretty incredible statement for a small and seemingly vulnerable nation state like Singapore. However, I must say they run a tight ship and should be applauded at the way they are able to keep their island safe. Honestly, the biggest threat to security here is the "enemy within the walls." This means that if you hire a helper or cleaner who steals. This is the extent of it. - Aug 2015

No. Incredibly safe. You can leave your wallet and phone in a taxi and it will be returned to you intact. - Aug 2015

No -- safest place I have EVER been - Nov 2011

On a daily basis none. It is very safe. I imagine singapore has to be on terrorist list because of its strategic importance to Asia. - Mar 2010

Minimal, but local government has a current poster campaign advising "Low crime doesn't mean no crime;" for what it's worth, local friends advise us not to let our 10-year-old travel unaccompanied in Singapore. - Dec 2008

Most would say almost none - but our bike was stolen in broad daylight from a subway station bike rack. People tend to get complacent in Singapore. - Aug 2008

None at all-Singapore is a very safe place in general. - Jun 2008


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