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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Our kids are under 5 and attend local preschool. No experience with the international schools personally, but there are many. - Mar 2022

My children are both under 3 so they attend local preschools. We have not experienced international schools on this post. - Aug 2015

Singapore American School is the only one I know of and it is beyond fabulous. It's 45 minutes away and a huge school (13 first grade classes with 20 students per class) but I was blown away by the teachers, the curriculum, the involvement with each child, etc. not only are the core subjects covered but the arts/music/PE classes are so much more than I've seen even in the private schools in the States! Will be hard pressed to follow up this post with a school that even compares! - Aug 2015

I have a middle schooler at Singapore American School. Amazing campus! Great program. Get out your wallet, because your child will be going to school with children of millionaires, and the extra school activities are pricey. - Apr 2012

There are many amazing international schools from which to choose. We chose the Singapore American School and it blew us away. The campus is better than many college campuses. However, there are plenty of good schools to consider. - Nov 2011

I hear the schools are very good. I only know about pre-schools and there are tons and I am very happy with the one my son attends. Pre-school is expensive. - Mar 2010

Expensive, oversubscribed, and difficult of access. The American school (SAS) would be an hour on the bus, I'm told, from our west-of-center address, and the school buses cost US$70 or more per month. Our son attends one of the few centrally located international schools (OFS), a short city bus ride from home. OFS shares the usual school issues: huge (most serve K thru 12), crowded (24 kids in a classroom), and hard to create a child's social life around it, since the kids come from all over the island and disperse at the end of the school day. That said, it's great (we keep telling ourselves) that he's with kids from everywhere, and where else would his favorite subject be Mandarin? You will do yourself and your kids a huge service if you insist on a scouting visit here and see the schools you've researched online. We didn't have that opportunity and we came out all right, but we'd have done it all differently if we could. - Dec 2008

We didn't have kids in school, but the Singapore American School has an excellent reputation - supposed to be one of the top international schools in the world. The only complaint I ever heard about it was that even high-achieving kids felt that it was a pressure cooker. - Aug 2008


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