Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Experience seems to vary. There is social stigma, and the government has been less than friendly to LGBT+ people and initiatives. Sex between males is still illegal, same-sex relationships are not legally recognized (nor are same-sex adoptions possible). There are no anti-discrimination or hate crimes protections for LGBT+ people. - Mar 2022

I do not have experience with this but one of close friends here has lived here with his partner and they both do not ever want to leave. They feel more at home here than I do. - Aug 2015

Only compared to lots of other Asian cities. We attend the one 'open and affirming' Christian church here, and local and expat members only speak of gender orientation problems in terms of family: the dominant Chinese culture is very conservative, and the overall Christian culture even more so. A number of sex acts are illegal, but private sexuality isn't prosecuted at this point. There are plenty of bars, publications, etc., that cater to GLBT. - Dec 2008

Sure-there's a decently sized gay community. - Jun 2008


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