Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Excellent health care, both at public and private facilities. Prices are better than the U.S., and are transparent (amazing!). No medical evacuation is required. It takes a while to acclimate to the heat and humidity and learn when and how to go outdoors without getting heatstroke. Hint: don’t blast your home air conditioners all the time. - Mar 2022

Excellent health care! I had my youngest child here and couldn't have asked for better! - Aug 2015

No, pretty good medical care. - Aug 2015

No health concerns. Dengue is a slight concern, especially if you travel to nearby countries. Excellent medical care. - Apr 2012

Great - Nov 2011

None. The medical care is great, - Mar 2010

Excellent and immediate care:I've had various scans and surgery on a day or two of notice, no complaints at all about several hospital stays and lots of outpatient treatment. - Dec 2008

Wonderful health care - for my pregnancy, we got much more attention than we would have in the States. - Aug 2008

Dengue fever and malaria are issues, but the government is very active in preventing them. Colds and flus are a real problem due to the constant switch from frigidly air conditioned buildings to sweltering heat outside. Health care is completely adequate, though doctors here prescribe antibiotics for anything and everything (I had one prescribe to me for an allergy attack once). - Jun 2008

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