Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Out and about, you'll see the whole range of athleisure to designer outfits to flip flops and shorts to conservative religious attire. People are appearance-conscious and tend to dress with an eye towards fitting in or making a particular impression rather than standing out and making a statement. - Mar 2022

Business casual seems to be the norm for most people. I was surprised at work that many of my colleagues did not wear full suits to meetings. - Aug 2015

Slacks and button downs at Embassy. Casual in public, although locals do like to sport their high fashion when they go out! - Aug 2015

Like in U.S., except slightly more conservative. - Apr 2012

Women dress nicely and guys are in slacks and white shirts - Nov 2011

Standard bordering on casual because of the heat. Many people tend to go barefoot in the office. - Mar 2010

Casual, unless you're a Muslim woman. - Dec 2008

More relaxed than in the States. Women never wear hose because of the hot and humid climate. Open-toed shoes are fine. Singaporean men wear blue or white shirts and dark pants - it's their uniform! - Aug 2008

Fairly casual due to the heat. No one would survive in a 3 piece wool suit here. - Jun 2008


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