Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

People here love to eat together! Eating outside of the home is very common - food courts, hawker centers, cafes, restaurants, takeaway picnic in the park, cheap, expensive — it’s all here. As mentioned, alcohol is expensive. $10 for a bottle of entry-level beer at a bar, $150 for a bottle of Scotch that’s $50 at home, $25 cocktails…all very typical! Also, public drinking after 10:30pm is illegal, so last call is typically at 9:45 or so. You’ll see older gentlemen order a bucket of beers at a hawker center at night and sit around the tables playing cards, eating sunflower seeds, and getting tipsy. - Mar 2022

There is every type of dining/drinking option here. One of the main things my local friends like to do is go and grab a meal either in a home or out or grab a cup of coffee (This is popular because it is not as expensive). Singapore nightlife provides endless options but can be expensive...very expensive. - Aug 2015

Eating out, but very expensive (casual burger joint - US$20 burgers, US$8 for a side of fries, US$7 for a coke) and shopping. I've never seen so many malls before. And high end malls at that. For a tiny island, there are probably 7 locations of Tiffany's. A Cartier on every corner and a Prada across the street if you are into that. Many restaurants/bars with a great river view or a view of the amazing skyline. Many hiking in a reservoir type activities, but it's so miserably hot we haven't done much of that. - Aug 2015

Everyone does their own thing here. - Apr 2012

With 4 kids our nightlife wasn't too exciting. - Nov 2011

All the normal things are here, eating out, bars, movies, bowling, going to people's houses, etc. The arts scene is small. - Mar 2010

Little bit of an arts scene for a city this size: till now it hasn't been an important target for gov't, so not much happens. Theatre in particular is weak. Mostly Hollywood movies, and they don't stay in town long: see it this weekend or wait for the DVD. Restaurants and recreation as noted above. - Dec 2008

Movies come out at or close to the same time they do at home. Many world-class entertainers pass through Singapore, although concerts are very expensive. Lots of clubs and bars, but again the vice tax made those prohibitive for all but the best-paid expats. - Aug 2008

If eating, shopping, watching movies and hanging out in the parks or places like sentosa island are your thing, then the entertainment/social scene is plentiful. If you're more into the indie creative scene, and/or you've lived in a major city such as New York, LA, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc. prior to moving to Singapore, you're likely to feel very frustrated here. - Jun 2008

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