Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I don’t have great insight on this, but Singapore is constantly upgrading and so newer facilities and buildings will be wheelchair accessible, to include sidewalks and public transit. Bus drivers are happy to help with wheelchairs and all buses are accessible. Older facilities and neighborhoods may be more challenging. Overall there is definitely public awareness of accessibility issues, and the government is trying to be inclusive. - Mar 2022

Unless you have a car, this could prove to be problematic Depending on what physical disabilities you have, there may be places where wheelchair access is not available. - Aug 2015

Somewhat. My mom just visited and is wheelchair bound. We skipped the fabulous public transportation system and opted for taxis but I was constantly amazed at how few ramps, handrails, etc are around. You can do it but it's difficult. - Aug 2015

This city is better than most if you're near the Orchard Rd. area. The older buildings often have issues (but that's true everywhere, right?). - Apr 2012

Its getting better but I noticed several places where one in a wheelchair would have some difficulty (ie a whole lot of escalators) - Nov 2011

Compared to most places it would be ok. There are sidewalks and people are patient. Cars respect traffic lights. - Mar 2010

There are elevators in subway stations and some wheelchair-adapted public buses. The biggest issue, I think, would be sidewalks: narrow, cluttered with poorly designed street furniture, and with steep and unprotected drops to the drainage ditches that are everywhere to deal with the rainfall. - Dec 2008

As someone who lugged a stroller around Singapore for a year, I'd say that it's generally wheelchair friendly, except for the fact that Singaporeans don't hold doors, and there aren't any automatic ones! There are lots of ramps, though. Sidewalks are very narrow and don't always exist on every major road (mostly due to the everpresent construction). - Aug 2008

I'm not an expert, but on the whole Singapore seems to offer options for those with disabilities. - Jun 2008


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