Singapore - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Great for all. Tons of entertainment for all groups, all ages, all interests. - Mar 2022

This is an excellent post for families. In fact, I do not think there is a better place for families. As long as you throw out cost of living which can be expensive. - Aug 2015

Yes for all. - Aug 2015

Families definitely. Singles have a more difficult time. - Apr 2012

Families yes, couples yes, Singles?Maybe not so much. - Nov 2011

I think it is great for families. I think if I didn't have a kid it would just be ok. It is expensive to go out, and the arts scene is basically nonexistent. It is a good place to watch movies. - Mar 2010

It ain't New York. A very expensive party town, if you're single. If married and/or with kids, you may find yourself staying tight with other expats, depending on your own and your neighbors' class and status issues. Once you've used up the obvious choices (the zoo, a few hikes in nature preserves, the 'beach' at Sentosa) there isn't a lot of kid-oriented stuff. Actual parks are poorly distributed, and much of the green area is actually just land-banked by gov't for eventual development. The fallback activity for everyone is shopping: AC'd malls everywhere in central areas, each one identical to the next, except those in the highest-end blocks of Orchard Road, which are identical to Rodeo Drive and Rue de Rivoli, except located in a steam room. - Dec 2008

For families, it's great. Wonderful schools, high level of security, great health care. We had a baby in Singapore and were delighted with the experience. I lived there for several months as a single woman, though, and I always jokingly tell my husband that Singapore is one of the reasons I came back to the States to visit him (and we ended up getting engaged) - there is not a vibrant singles life AT ALL in Singapore, especially on a government salary. If you were in the financial sector and could afford to go out every night - alcohol prices are sky-high because of the vice tax, and the cost of living in general is quite high - then it might be a different story. - Aug 2008

Singapore is a good city for families due to the safety and relatively high living standards. For singles and couples, I think finding interesting activities, especially if you're into the creative arts or indie film/music/art, can be a huge challenge. Singapore is not a creative place, period. The cultural offerings here are limited to what is mainstream. - Jun 2008


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