Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Djibouti is very casual. Business casual, no blazers, is standard at the embassy. Suits are very rarely required. The Marine Corps Ball is the only formal event I can recall, and most attendees wore suits rather than tuxes. - May 2022

It's crazy hot here, so keep that in mind. Formal dress occasionally required. - Sep 2020

Dockers and polo and for others dress shirts. It gets warm and humid, so dress code was causal. - Apr 2018

Day-to-day, the Embassy dress code is business casual (slacks, button down, dresses) and on Camp, it's more casual but there is a dress code for entering the Galley, for example. Close-toed shoes, no hats or sleeveless tops, etc. Most local women choose to cover their hair, but those that do not are not mistreated or maligned. Formal dress is required if you attend events such as the Marine Ball, Lions Club or Rotary Club galas. - Jun 2016

Relatively casual due to the climate. No need for women to dress any differently than they would in their home country. - Feb 2013

Business casual. The water is hard on clothes here. In public, people should dress conservatively, as this is a Muslim country. - Apr 2010

Dress code is casual. When it's 120F degrees, you dress to survive. Sandals are a must in all seasons. Very light weight linen and cotton clothing was key. It's a Muslim country, but the culture seemed very accepting and forgiving of Western immodesty. Still, I think it was best to cover your shoulders and thighs. - Aug 2008

Casual. - Apr 2008

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