Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Originally Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Most recently, DC. We were lucky with a reasonable number of direct flights or easy connections through Miami. A little under 5 hours for a direct flight from/to Atlanta. - May 2024

Canada. There are direct flights between Bogota/Cartagena and Toronto/Montreal. - Aug 2023

I am from Southern California, USA. There are direct flight on Avianca from Los Ángeles (5 hours). Most the American carriers connect through Texas or Miami. - Feb 2021

Moderately easy to fly to Bogota; has flights from LA, Atlanta, Houston, NY, DC, and Miami. - Jul 2020

United States. On US carriers it's a four hour flight to Houston and five to Miami. From there you can easily connect. Avianca has a direct flight to DC. - Feb 2020

Washington, DC. There are 6-hour direct flights from Washington although most of the USG fares go through Miami, Atlanta, or Houston. Bogota El Dorado is generally an easy airport with good services. Diplomatic immigration line is quick, but there can be a long wait for baggage. - Nov 2018

"Home" is Northern Illinois. I believe there are direct flights, but we generally go through Newark or Houston thanks to Fly America. You can fly direct to Florida in fewer than four hours. - Sep 2018

United States, some direct flights to DC, none to Pittsburgh. Usually we have a three and a half hour flight and another two hour with a short layover in Florida/Atlanta. - Aug 2018

United States. Direct flights to LA (7 hours), Houston, Miami (3 hours) and other cities. Travel to other South American cities can be expensive. You can find good deals for in-country travel to Cartagena, etc. - May 2018

Northwest USA. Not a bad trip, about 8 or so hours with a layover in either Houston or Miami or Atlanta. - Aug 2015

Washington D.C. - 1 direct flight on Avianca or through Miami connection (7 hours). - Jun 2014

Orlando, Florida. 4 hours (there are direct flights through JetBlue). There are numerous flights to cities in FL and the US in general on both US and Latin American carriers. - May 2013

Toronto - direct flight 6 hours. - Oct 2012

East Coast, 8-12 hours depending on layovers in MIA or ATL. - Jul 2012

Houston, TX, approximately 4 hours (direct flight). - Apr 2012

Washington D.C.Around 12 hours, usually through Miami. - Dec 2011

CA - direct overnight flight or long daytime flight with connections. - Jul 2011

About 3 hours to Miami. - Nov 2010

Miami. About three and a half hours direct. - Sep 2010

Dallas, Texas area, 5.5 hours in the air. Continental is the only airline with a direct flight to Texas (Houston), and they charge extra for it. American and Delta go through Miami and Atlanta, but look to add 2 hours to overall flight time. With connections the flight time through Houston is 7-8 hours. - Aug 2010

Our home base is Seattle. It takes about twelve hours to get home through Houston (Continental). - Aug 2010

Homebase is Atlanta. It takes about 5 hours to fly non-stop from Atlanta to Bogota. - Aug 2010

From Bogota to Miami: about 3 1/2 hours, then there are direct flights to Atlanta. - Jun 2010

Portland, Oregon. We fly Bogota-Houston-Portland on Continental. Total flying time is around 8-9 hours, with layover it is 12. - Jan 2010

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